Breathe In: How You Can Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

  • April 5, 2019

Summer is upon us! The heat is on, and people are heading up the mountains or trooping to the coastal areas to avoid the scorching heat. For those who choose to spend most of the summer at home, we’re all familiar with the irritating, humid heat that a ceiling fan or a popsicle can’t fix. Turning the air conditioning on can be an option at times, but can easily take a heavy toll on our electricity bills if used on the daily. While keeping the house cool can seem hopeless on scorching afternoons, trust us when we say it isn’t impossible. Read this short guide for easy tips on keeping your home cool during the summertime.



Make sure the sheets, duvets, pillows, and sofa covers you’ll be using for this season are made from soft, light-colored, breathable material such as cotton or bamboo. They feel cool to the touch, and absorb heat a lot less compared to heavier fabrics. Lounging on furniture made with heavy fabrics such as leather will cause you to sweat even more, possibly leaving unsightly sweat marks wherever you rest.


Cook Outdoors

The use of a stove, oven, or even induction cookers indoors will inevitably produce a lot of heat, contributing to the overwhelming heat you already have at home. If you have a dirty kitchen or grill outside the house, prepare your meals there for most of these sunny afternoons. This will make for a great opportunity for you to host barbecues outside for your family and friends, so prepare your favorite hamburger recipe and get grilling!



Tall, leafy plants planted near the home are able to significantly lessen the heat indoors. If you’re really dedicated to alleviating the heat at home, visit your local gardening supplies store and find tall, leafy plants to plant near your house. Plant it near windows of areas where you enjoy spending most of the day in, perhaps the living area, the dining area, or the bedroom. Make sure the plants won’t be blocking the view of any of the home’s entrances or windows to allow the cool evening breeze to flow into the house at night, and to maintain good Feng Shui as well.

beach house   Paint Job If you have dark-colored walls at home, consider repainting them in white or in light neutral colors. Dark-colored walls will absorb light that enters the home, and transform light into heat. Meanwhile, white or light-colored walls reflect light, resulting in a brighter, cooler space.   Shutters Closed, LED Lights On On unbearably hot afternoons, or when you simply can’t deal with the heat, simply shut the windows and blinds and turn on a fan. While some may suggest opening the windows to let the breeze inside, keeping the windows open will actually allow hot wind and humidity to enter your home. Invest in blockout blinds and curtains to keep the temperature at bay. If you’re not a fan of being in a dark room in the middle of the day, switch out your regular lightbulbs with warm white LED lights to keep the space looking bright and cozy. LED lights are known to produce a lot less heat, and consume energy significantly less compared to regular lightbulbs.]]>

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