Coco Chanel and Picasso Had This Air-Purifying Lamp

  • October 25, 2017

There are many ways to give your space a signature scent, there’s diffusers, atomizers, room sprays, and so much more. Lampe Berger’s Lamps are also another way to give your home a happy aroma. Designed over 100 years ago by a French pharmacist, Lampe Berger is a catalytic burner initially made to purify the air in plague-infested hospitals.
Lampe Berger
With its effectivity in eliminating bad odors and bacteria, fragrances were added into the burner to make it more pleasurable to use in homes.This made Lampe Berger into a double purpose home essential, it purifies the air and gives off aromatic scents. Icons like Coco Chanel and Picasso each had a Lampe Berger Lamp in their favorite spaces.
Lampe Berger
A Lampe Berger lamp helps in improving your home’s air quality by eliminating odor-casing molecules and increasing oxygen levels in the space. It also helps purify your home with scents ranging from manly sandalwood to a feminine jasmine.
Lampe Berger
The best part is that the scents are long-lasting, lighting the lamp on for 20 minutes can cover a compact condo. To top it all off,  you can also choose from a wide array of stylish lamps that will fit your home.
Lampe Berger
Lampe Berge has recently opened their first branch in Cebu this month, located at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City. In Metro Manila, you can get your Lampe Berger fix from Lampe Berger’s flagship store in Robins Design Center, Ortigas City. Visit for more details.

Lampe Berger
Lampe Berger in Cebu

Written by Patricia Herbolario

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