Landscape Festival PH 2017: Making Our Cities

Calling all landscape architects, allied professionals, and students who want to shape our cities!

  • September 11, 2017

According to a United Nations study on migration, over 60 percent of the world’ population will live in cities by year 2050. But for all the city has to offer, it can only give so much. The challenge at present lies in improving the the city’s capacity to meet the needs of an increasing population while sustaining quality environments. So you want to shape our cities? The Landscape Festival PH 2017 will highlight schemata that define the Philippine city, and how landscape architects (together with allied professionals) can turn our cities into vibrant and livable places.

On September 22 to 23 this year, the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) will be organizing Landscape Festival PH 2017, where they will be convening members from different parts of the country and the world, practitioners from the allied professions, local government unit participants, developers, and partners in the construction industry who share the commitment of providing quality and equitable spaces for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

With the theme “(C.I.)ty. (Sea)ty. (See)ty,” the Landscape Festival PH 2017 shall highlight how we can generate practical and innovative design solutions and strategies to our cities’ various issues.

(C.I.)ty refers to the Culture and Identity of the city, delving into the continuing search for what is uniquely Filipino in the emerging landscape of our cities. (Sea)ty relates to developing resilience of cities, which mostly rose near seas and other bodies of water. Being in such location puts the city in a lot of advantages, at the same time, places it in a certain level of risk. And finally, (See)ty examines ways to create a city that is dynamic and meaningful. With the growth and urbanization of the city, the collection of different interests and structures has made the city bereft of scenic and memorable qualities.

Keynote and plenary speakers include:

  • LAr. Kartika Wulandari – Sr. Landscape Architect, PT TOWNLAND International (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim, PhD – President, Asian Cultural Landscape Association (Seoul, Korea)
  • LAr. Elizabeth Espino – Committee Member, National Commission on Monuments and Sites, NCCA (Manila, Philippines)
  • Dr. Annadel Cabanban – Programme Manager, ‘Partners for Resilience’ Philippines Wetlands International (Quezon City, Philippines)

This momentous event, in celebration of PALA’s 40th anniversary, will host the 1) 5th PALA National Convention, composed of seminar and workshop tracks; 2) talks and an exhibit on the art of landscape, organized by Landscape Contractors & Industry Specialist Assocation of the Philippines (LaCISAP) with the support of Intramuros Administration (IA); 3) National Landscape Architecture Student Congress (NLASC); and the 4) GantimPALA Awards Night.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Landscape Festival PH 2017 website: or email the secretariat at [email protected]

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