Check Out These 5 Laundry Hacks By Fashion Designer Rajo Laurel!

  • September 6, 2018

Electrolux, the designer shared his tips on how to keep your laundry still looking like they’re brand new even after washing with a machine. Here are 5 laundry hacks from Rajo:


1 | Wash First

Washing new clothes first before wearing it is common practice, but it’s actually crucial. Rajo says that these new clothes you buy are drenched in chemicals to protect them from pests, molds, and from smelling bad. So even if you don’t have a sensitive skin (or nose), it’s always best to wash your new clothes first.

2 | Inside-Out

Turn clothes inside-out before throwing them in the washing machine. According to Rajo, designer clothes should be turned inside-out to preserve their quality even while still using the laundry machine. condoliving laundry hacks electrolux fashioncare rajo laurel

3 | Zip In

If you really want to keep the quality of the clothes intact, zip your delicate clothes, your underwear or your socks, in a pillowcase. This way, they won’t be tossed around and get tangled with the rest of your laundry. It also decreases the fluff (himulmol) and lint on your clothes. Another thing you can use is an old stocking, which Rajo uses to wash beaded clothes.

4 | Candle Scrub

Still got that clear candle from last night’s candle-lit dinner? You can use it to keep those awful yellow stains off your white colored clothes. Rajo says, “Ang kalaban ng tela ay sunlight and humidity, so light and water. The wax protects the fabric from both humidity and light. Kung gusto mong maiwasan ‘yong paninilaw, lagyan mo lang ng clear na kandila.”

5 | Invest

Invest in a good washing machine, detergent, fabric conditioner, and even your clothes. Find timeless pieces that you can wear even when the fashion trends has come and gone, and take care of them with the right tools, your washing machine for example. Take advantage of the technology available, invest in a machine that you know you can easily operate and which has the right settings for your needs.

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