This Japanese Zen Rental Unit in Pasig Reminds Us of the MUJI Hotel Aesthetic!

  • June 14, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI actually has a hotel. While it might be miles away from the Philippines (The MUJI HOTEL in China), we found a condo in Mandaluyong via AirBnb that sports the same design style. Don’t be quick to say it’s a dupe, though, because it’s been a relaxing accommodation to renters a year before the MUJI Hotel even debuted. Japanese Zen Style Owned by an Australian couple based in Melbourne, the condo  was purchased to be placed up as a rental. Through a friend’s referral, the couple met architects Patrick Espiritu and Spencer Sy of PxP Design Workshop Co.. The couple gave PxP Design Workshop Co. free rein over the unit’s look and style. Without a specific clientele to work with, Patrick and Spencer got a design inspiration by coming up with an ideal renter in mind. “We pictured out the potential renter as a busy person, probably a girl boss. She would hop in her condo after a night out or when she would like to escape from the city’s bustle,” the architects share.  Japanese Zen Style To appeal to a wide range of possible renters, the architects kept the unit as neutral as possible. In terms of interior design, the Japanese design style is all about simplicity and minimalism. These two words greatly characterize this cozy and warm unit which is up for rent in Airbnb. In Japanese, Zen means meditation, relaxation, and balance. “We won’t know who will be staying here so we kept it as warm and versatile as possible,” shares Patrick. Japanese Zen Style Patrick and Spencer played around neutral colors for the unit, highlighting the use of soft tones in white, green, and beige that characterize the zen style. The studio unit also plays with minimal and clean lines. In the bedroom, thin parallel wood installations serve both as the headboard of the bed and the anchor feature of the whole space. Japanese Zen Style They also used textured wallpaper to further the calming ambiance inside. “From wood, we tried to balance out the mood with a different texture through the wallpapers in neutral colors,” adds Patrick. This combinations makes the future renters more at home. 

“When you renovate condos, it has to be really well-planned. It may be more expensive to customize pieces, but it’s better in the long run.” PxP Design Workshop Co. 

Japanese Zen Style Since it will be up for rental, many guests may use the unit for a short overnight stay to a week-long stay. The architects made the design friendly for both the renter and the housekeeper by providing open shelves and storage spaces. “The lesser the closed storage, the easier for the housekeeper to clean because at least if the shelves are open she can easily see if the guest has left anything in the unit,” Patrick shares. Japanese Zen Style The design firm customized some furniture pieces to better fit the space. “Condo units really have tight spaces so for us, every inch really counts,” shares Spencer. Following this philosophy, the balcony was accessorized and transformed into a private garden Japanese Zen Style This story first appeared on CondoLiving’s August 2017 issue. Edits made for

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