Love Plants But Lack the Space? Read On and Get Ready to Get Greener!

  • December 11, 2018

While there are people fortunate enough to have sprawling gardens or even just a small backyard, those who live in more compact homes often don’t have the luxury of space to create their own green retreats. However, there are a lot of ways to incorporate plants in to your home, no matter the size.

Choose the Right Plants
Keep in mind that not all plants will thrive indoors. Different plants require different lighting and soil conditions, and even indoor plants need some degree of sunlight. There are a lot of plant choices available nowadays, and you can ask your supplier how best to care for them. Succulents, cacti, some ficus varieties, snake plants, air plants, spider plants, ferns, and pothos are good choices to start with, as they are relatively handy and require minimal care.
indoor plants
Get the Right Containers
You can use anything from terracotta pots and plastic containers to steel planters, just make sure they are able to hold the right amount of growing medium for indoor plants to thrive. Ideally, your container should have holes for drainage to prevent the accumulation of excess water, which can cause root rot. If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, avoid excessive watering. If you prefer the look of water plants, use opaque jars and change the water frequently. There are many decorative pots in different materials such as clay, ceramic, glass, or wood. For well-established plants that you would prefer not to re-pot, consider just putting them inside better-looking containers like a woven basket, so you get the look you want without the hassle.
indoor plants
Maximize Available Space
Tabletops, kitchen counters, and shelves are great for displaying indoor plants. Aside from purifying the air, greens give a relaxing vibe to any indoor space. Put potted plants on any sturdy surface. Larger plants can be situated on the floor as accents, while small ones can be elevated and combined with other décor. Put a plant that can function as a centerpiece on your dinner table, or a combination of small plants on the coffee table in your living area. Don’t forget to put plants in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms, too!
Go Up and Out
A trend nowadays is vertical gardening, where one can use walls for planting. This means you can grow plants up and out, instead of just in pots. Though greening your space will require some skill, your plants will thrive with patience and proper care. There are many ways to hang different plant species on walls—the only limit is your imagination. If you have the budget, there are specialists who can install an irrigation system for your green wall. If you opt to DIY, you can purchase hanging planters online or from garden supply stores.
These may be affixed to everything from rods to peg boards. Another option is to hang pots from steel mesh framed with wood, cut according to the size you want. You can also recycle plastic soda bottles, paint old cans, drill hooks into old pots and attach them to a frame, or simply position your planters on top of wooden planks, ladders, and other surfaces. Just be sure that the plants you choose will thrive in the conditions of the area where you plan to put them.
indoor plants
Be Patient
Plants take a while to thrive, especially if you bring them indoors. Some varieties will require them to acclimatize to the conditions inside your home, so be patient and care for them well. Try not to make the mistake of overwatering plants, as some don’t need to be watered daily. Cacti and some succulents can do with once a week watering, while others are fine with just a few spritzes from a spray bottle. Make sure there is enough air circulation, and move them to a sunny spot that’s not too hot every so often. You can usually tell what your indoor plants need just by looking at them. Browning leaves that curl at the ends usually signify too much sun, while plants that don’t seem to grow or look tired may mean you are overwatering or there are not enough nutrients in the planting medium.
Whatever your skill level, style, budget, or space, there are plants that will flourish in your home. Creating your own urban oasis can be as simple as bringing a few potted plants indoors. A touch of green will instantly add style to any home, improve physical health, and uplift your spirits.

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