Lucky Hue: Decorating with Your Lucky Feng Shui Colors for 2019

  • February 8, 2019

One of the best things about designing and decorating our own homes is the fact that we have the ability to transform the space into a platform for blissful personal expression. In Feng Shui, self-expression and representation play important roles in creating good chi in the home. Good Feng Shui is achieved when the home’s overall design and arrangement spark joy and peace within—so do not be obliged to use every single color under your sign’s prosperity palette if you do not like them. If you’re feeling creative or adventurous, you could go all out and use all your lucky colors when decorating your space. Read on to find out your auspicious color combinations based on‘s Feng Shui lucky colors for the year of the pig!
Year of the Rat – Carnation Pink, Blue, White
Cater to your romantic sensibilities this year by adding delicate shades of white and carnation to your mix. Try using lighter shades of cream as your most dominant shade in your color palette, and make it more exciting with pink accents such as throw pillows, lamp shades, and curtains. You may even opt to decorate with a vase of fresh carnations in your living room or vanity! Add a touch of blue in areas where you’d want to achieve a bolder look, such as your table settings, wall accents, or even flooring. If you’re not a fan of pink, go for a more coastal-inspired look by combining white furnishings with blue accent pieces.

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Year of the Ox – Harvest Gold, Green, Red
Your color palette for the year gives off a warmer, more earthy feel—think rustic setting with raw finish and rich tones. Infuse warmth to your space courtesy of harvest gold wall paint. This wall color is perfect for the common areas in the home such as the living room and dining areas. To avoid looking like an extended Christmas, use red sparingly to break the green. as little pops of color, while allowing green and harvest gold to become the more dominant colors in your palette.
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Year of the Tiger – Red, White, Beige
The Tiger’s palette for this year is a nod to modern sensibilities. Beige makes for an ideal wall color for rooms normally associated with rest and relaxation such as the bedroom, the bathroom, or for some people, the living room as well. Enliven the neutrals with red accent pieces—and you can have a dash of black to heighten the drama. If you would like to add more textures, opt for a red velvet accent chair to break the monotony of predominantly white furniture.
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Year of the Rabbit – Saffron, Orange, Green
Much like the exotic spice souks of Dubai, this year’s zesty color palette for the energetic rabbits is as charged as their outgoing personalities. Go for a more eclectic look when you decorate your space this year and have fun with elaborate patterns and unique textures. If you’ve been looking for a reason to let your imagination run wild, now’s the perfect time to finally give in. Ground your horizontal with a rich saffron-hued Persian rug and complete the setting with throws and wall tapestries in similar patterns. In Feng shui, adding in a couple of air-purifying house plants is always a good idea, so feel free to decorate with these living accent pieces to your heart’s content.
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Year of the Dragon – Pink, White, Blue
If you’re a Dragon, this year calls is perfect for soft tones. The delicate combination of blue and pink can render either a whimsical feel or a surprisingly stunning appeal depending on how you use the combination. Decorate your living area with white tufted accent chairs, bleached wood center table, and a concoction of pink and blue velvet throw pillows.
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Year of the Snake – Pine Green, Red, Brown
Take advantage of this lucky year with strong Earth tones. Purify your indoor air with abundant plants and give a your furniture a makeover by giving it a fresh coat of pine green. An easy way to include this color is through soft furnishings. This shade of green pairs very well with deep wooden shades, which luckily for you, is part of your color palette for the year. If you plan on purchasing new investment pieces this year, opt for red-toned wooden pieces like mahogany and cherry to add a hint of red without looking too overbearing.
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Year of the Horse – Pink, White, Red
The horse’s color palette for this year can be described as decadent, romantic, and timeless. With its versatility, you can invest in white furniture pieces such as sofas, cabinets, and tables. True, your lucky colors and design preferences will change and evolve as years go by, but with a neutral canvas, the design possibilities are endless. Anchor corners with deep shades of red, like a luxurious new headboard or a simple red throw. If you want to achieve a more feminine look, decorate with blush accent pieces like floral arrangements and throw pillows, or make a bold statement with a hot pink accent piece like a painting or an area rug.
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Year of the Goat – Sky Blue, Red, Yellow
The goats will definitely have a fun year designing shades of blue, red, and yellow. To make your space appear more collected, you could either just decorate the area with one or two of your lucky colors, or use them all through subtler applications. For sky blue, you could opt to invest in a dinnerware set or a new duvet cover. Much like what we mentioned for those born in the Year of the Snake, you could opt for bolder red accent pieces or more subtle applications such as cherry or mahogany wood furniture. We recommend you use yellow sparingly, perhaps through an accent wall by painting only one panel of your wall in your kitchen for a sunnier breakfast nook, or by hanging up light yellow curtains.
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Year of the Monkey – Vanilla, Pink, White
The Monkey can look forward to a home full of light and romance. Mix shades of white and vanilla for a deliciously universal base. Try painting your walls in warm vanilla, and filling the space with white furniture or appliances. Incorporate all three colors in your palette by accessorizing with pink accent pieces, or painting a pink accent wall in your vanity or your bedroom.
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Year of the Rooster – Yellow, Cyan, Pink
Sunny or golden shades of yellow work best for most homes, as the cheerful shade can bring forth feelings of happiness and opulence. Gold has always been a lucky Feng Shui color, so feel free to incorporate gold into your mirror frames, metallic finishes, and even art. If you’re not a fan of gold, you could opt for buttery shades of yellow. As with any other combination, proceed with combining cyan and pink in small amounts, and slowly increasing them until you reach the desired output.
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Year of the Dog – Pink, Beige, Blue
Dogs can have a fresh start this year with beige. Cover unsightly and outdated walls with a fresh coat of paint to uplift your spirit. As this color is known to be welcoming of almost any color palette, you may use it for your walls and your major furniture pieces. Bring it up a notch with royal blue accents, or you may go for a dreamier interiors with powder blue. Finish it with small pops of pinks for a delightful space.
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Year of the Pig – Red, Yellow, White
As this is your year, the Pig can have all the most auspicious colors. Infuse your rooms with the fiery tones of red by adding an accent chair or by painting a wall panel. Subtle gold accents courtesy of frames, furniture base, or cabinet handles will add a touch of glamour. Incorporate white into the mix by decorating with flowering plants such as the peace lily or stargazers.

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