Emerald-And-Gold Combo Gives This Rental Condo Some Luxe Vibe!

  • August 9, 2018

She got Primea Design Studio to dress-up all her rentals. The design studio is no stranger to hospitality design, handling a lot of hotel projects around the Philippines. While this unit might not be a hotel, the treatment of the design was given the same attention. “There was no client profile,” shares Mark Pecayo of Primea Design Studio. “The goal was to make is usable for all possible end-users.” Sharon’s renters range from vacationing foreigners, expats, and Millennials who are in dire need of a staycation.
For this particular unit the design studio assigned interior designer Karl Dioso to spearhead the project. “Our first meeting was in Singapore, we had the swatches in our luggage! It was our first overseas contract signing,” jests Mark. All the design discussions and approval were made online after their first meeting. Karl shares that he and the client share the same interest for luxurious interiors, making the designing process a breeze.
condoliving luxe rental condo
“We were on the same design page,” Karl points out. Mark points our that Sharon has great taste as a client, giving the design team well-curated pegs of how she wants her units to look like. Each of the rental looks different from one another but the common bond is that they all look luxurious in their own way. “I probably am,” laughs Sharon when asked if she was a frustrated interior designer.
The 30-plus square meter unit is all about old school glamour with its wainscoting walls and the rich mix of emerald green and gold accents. It’s not what you would typically expect from a rental. “With the finishes and the whole design, it’s like a showroom. We didn’t compromise on the quality or the style because we wanted to deliver a luxurious hotel feel,” Karl adds.
condoliving luxe rental condo
The budget was mostly allocated for the furniture since the unit’s finishes were still in tip-top shape. “The furniture is what renters feel, see, and interact with, so we wanted to focus on that,” shares Karl. The accessories, the icing on any unit, are from Q Living Manila, the design studio’s furniture brand.

“People usually remove flooring, walls, and so on in condos. We say, retain as much as you can adopt. Adopt the existing, and invest in the furniture instead,” shares Karl.

condoliving luxe rental condo
The dining chairs perfectly match the bed’s emerald green color. The chairs and dining table are also from Harver Hill, while the accessories are from Q Living Manila.
The bed frame was custom-made by Harver Hill. “In all projects, you want to highlight an area and for this one, it had to be the bed area because it’s a rental for staycations, a time for people to relax,” points out Karl.
condoliving luxe rental condo
The design team did a great job at executing the project. However, being the rental expert that she is, Ms. Sharon doesn’t stop there. Step three for her rental business is to provide quality service for potential tenants, from the cleanliness of the unit to a friendly smile upon turning over the keys. The maintenance of the condos are left to her mom and her other family relatives. Aside from being a frustrated interior designer, maybe Sharon is also a frustrated hotel manager.
So how do we know that this well-designed unit is good business? Aside from the positive reviews online that praise the unit,“I get a lot of repeat clients,” Sharon points out.
This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s June 2018 issue. Edits were made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com

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