This luxurious home is a showcase of rich colors and textures

  • July 4, 2018

Color and texture give this lavish dwelling its unique character

Rich colors, elegant wood finishes, and luxurious furnishings define this luxe home for a family of five. The husband and wife are both doctors who wanted the best education for their children. This prompted the family to move from Davao to Manila. They initially transferred to a 75sqm condo in Cubao but found the space too small and noisy. A move to a real house where they could live comfortably seemed like the best option.

The main living room is a study in elegance and luxury with a rich color palette of browns and vibrant reds that match the Arturo Luz painting on the wall

The search for their future home wasn’t easy. They looked all over the metro for new houses but found none that suited their needs. They found their current home after several months of looking. The structure was about 80% by the time they purchased it.
The wife planned for interior designer Jigs Adefuin to design their former condo unit. However, the renovation was called off when the children wanted to move to a house. The wife again called on the designer after the construction of their new home was completed as the family already had an idea of Jig’s style. They gave him free rein and together with partner Oliver Ortiz, he transformed the bare shell into a luxurious showcase of color and style.
Leather chairs from Furnitalia give a modern vibe to the dining area. Cool beiges and grays keep the space sleek and simple

The wife had a simple request. She wanted everything to be simple yet elegant. Jigs combined different materials and finishes to create a setting that met the needs of the family, while also displaying the wife’s collection of Filipino masters.
The home theatre showcases color and texture beautifully. Perforated stools and pillows provide a contrast to the deep caramel leather sofa

The wife is an avid collector of paintings by Arturo Luz, Romulo Olazo, Jose Joya, and Oscar Zalameda. She is also partial to the works of Frederico Alcuaz, Malang, Justin Nuyda, Ramon Orlina, and Ed Castrillo. “I asked Jigs to incorporate the areas where these works would be displayed in his design plan,” she shares. Two entertainment areas, four bedrooms, and a home theatre all display the masterpieces collected by the family through the years.
The master bedroom combines a variety of finishes in different tones. The wife specifically requested for the velvet headboard and printed rug

“We wanted a simple Zen style for the exteriors, and simple interiors to highlight our collections,” the homeowners explain. Jigs made use of muted gray walls in a marble-like finish to provide the perfect foil for the art and well chosen furnishings. The designer asked each family member what they wanted and incorporated their requests in each of their personal spaces.
The eldest son’s room features geometric patterns as seen on the accent wall and rug. An Arturo Luz painting above the bed sets the tone in his space

The daughter’s room contains a riot of prints and patterns that work well with each other. The tufted leather headboard serves to bring all the elements together

The family has adjusted quite well to to life in their new home. “Jigs and Oliver are heaven-sent. I just love them to pieces! Our house is our refuge–a place of solace from all the hustle and bustle of living in the metro,” the wife exclaims.

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