Menarco Tower: Creating Better Spaces for Working Better

We devote a significant portion of our days to work. As such, it’s important that our workplaces are not only conducive or well-equipped but also safe spaces that support physical and mental health. Fortunately, we now live in an age of heightened awareness of the weight of healthy workspaces, positive work culture, and better working conditions.

“It is our goal to not be a burden to the people or the Earth. We hope that Menarco’s existence helps — helps one breathe better, work better, be better. Not for ourselves, but for the next generation. As they say, we are only borrowing the planet from our children. We must be good stewards of this planet, because we only live once.”

Carmen Jimenez-Ong, Founder and CEO of Menarco Development Corporation



Menarco Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig has long been prepared for the challenges the pandemic brought. When it was completed in 2017, it stood as Southeast Asia’s healthiest and safest building. As the first and only office tower in the region to receive both LEED Gold and WELL Gold certification, it prides itself on being good for the environment and its occupants. All its accessibility, sustainability, and wellness features were brought together from the vision of Carmen Jimenez-Ong, Founder and CEO of Menarco Development Corporation.

“Whether it’s a space to live, work, learn, or play, it’s important for us to put people first and be thoughtful about the design and construction decisions we make,” she said on the inspiration behind the award-winning, 32-story office tower. They flooded fire exits with natural light and music, built a community foodhall, wellness floor, and vertical museum, and incorporated biophilic design elements and natural materials.



Aidea, the lead architect for the project, likewise believed that an office should embody sustainability, wellness, future readiness, and the core values and goals of the owners. “The building should feature workspaces, facilities, and amenities that encourage sustainability, foster the wellness of its users, and serve as inspiration for other office building developments. For the community, the building must enhance the urban fabric and cityscape, engage with the public, and offer a friendly public environment that uplifts city life.”

Menarco Tower

With employee productivity and well-being in mind, Aidea came up with well-planned working environments that combined technological innovations within private and public areas. They also equipped Menarco Tower with a variety of sustainability features. These include a carefully considered building envelope, efficient air filtration, grey water harvesting, and energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

Aside from green and healthy cleaning protocols, provisions for ventilation and filtration proved particularly helpful. “Fresh air is pumped into Menarco Tower throughout the day and night to ensure that the air is fresh, and not recycled. This air is filtered with MERV-13 filters and cooled to an ambient temperature to add to user comfort. More importantly, we measure our air with indoor air quality sensors to help us assess, in real-time, the health of our air. It allows us to keep our space as pandemic-free as possible.”

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Photos courtesy of Ed Simon