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Meraki: A Cycladic-Structured Bed And Breakfast In Siargao With Bohemian Interiors

July 27, 2022



Carisa Magno

People who value the typical laid-back island lifestyle are naturally drawn to Siargao’s welcoming appeal. The town evokes the atmosphere of a tropical island paradise with various accommodations ranging from traditional nipa huts to five-star hotels. Meraki Siargao, a Cycladic-structured bed and breakfast with bohemian aesthetics, is one of the most recent establishments to open in the town of Malinao, General Luna. The 300-square-meter property is owned by Natalia Larrauri, a frequent traveler who chose to make the island her home. She incorporated the inspiring designs from her travels around Tulum, Morocco, Greece, and Northern Chile into Meraki’s structural features with the help of her cousin and architect, Jenina Marques. The owner’s preference for minimalist and functional architecture is significantly evident in the built structure.

Because of Meraki’s tropical location, where typhoons are common, it was critical to build a structure that could withstand heavy rains and strong winds while requiring minimal maintenance. As a response, concrete foundation was used to create the form, and PVC thatches were used for the roof, with vents in each corner to allow wind to flow through. Following the owner’s desire for a durable structure, using PVC thatch over traditional nipa was required due to the material’s longevity. This design was put to the ultimate test in December 2021, when a category five typhoon directly struck Siargao Island. Meraki was one of the few structures that survived the storm, with only minimal damage to the roof.

The building’s most prominent structural design features are soft rounded corners, arches, and the overall unfinished look. These elements are typical of Cycladic architectural buildings, as seen in Mykonos, Greece. The arched, white-washed wooden gate with a white-painted steel frame greets visitors and establishes the tone for the entire site. Upon entering the property, a small dipping pool is visible in the central courtyard, surrounded by pebbles and carefully curated plants. The tropical atmosphere is enhanced by the warm-colored plastered walls that complement the cement and wood accents perfectly.

The interiors are styled with bohemian elements that add a chic touch to the space. The handmade macrame wall hangings, railings, lamps, and tissue paper holders found throughout Meraki’s rooms showcase the owner’s craftsmanship. The meaning behind the name, a piece of your soul put into something you’ve created, can be felt throughout Meraki Siargao’s warm ambiance.

Photos courtesy of @heyitsjodee.