This 22 Square Meter Condo is a Minimalist’s Dream!

  • October 23, 2017

Designed by Interior Designer Iriss Mangio, this 22 square meter condo is straight to the point. The minimalist condo was designed for a 40-something mom who travels a lot and is in love with minimalist design. She asked Iriss to make the unit appear larger despite its actual size. The condo is the client’s family’s weekend home, somewhere they can relax and unwind after a busy week.

The client wanted something Scandinavian, something with a light and cozy feel — Iriss Mangio on the client brief

Iriss shares that she played with the minimalist palette of white, grey, and beige but still added a hint of black through the chairs and the droplight for some contrast. However, a main feature in the unit is the blue green accent wall in the bedroom that makes the condo unpredictable.
Minimalist Condo
The designer shares that while it is a common notion to avoid color in a small space, but she still likes using dark colors because it still work. She cites some boutique hotels in Europe that go for a mix of really dark colors in a small space but still results in a beautiful unit.
Minimalist Condo
One way the designer segregated the kitchen from the rest of the condo is through machuca tiles with a monochrome color palette to match the minimalist theme. The main entertaining area is the dining table opposite the kitchen. Iriss added a mini study nook at the very end of the unit, since the space has a great view of the city.
Minimalist Condo
This story first appeared on CondoLiving March 2016 by Patricia Herbolario, photographed by Greg Mayo. Edits were made for

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