Scandinavian And Japanese Sensibilities Marry In This 30sqm Studio

  • January 29, 2019

Project 1212, Inc.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
“The owner has always been an avid fan of Scandinavian interiors. This was perfect because we’ve been using the Scandinavian style as requested by most of our previous clients,” shares Ian. In fact, the owner used to stay in a condo that Ian’s team designed for another client. The owner liked the previous condo’s design, so he contacted Ian to do his newly purchased unit that’s conveniently located near his office. “With him being used to the Japanese aesthetic, he prefers the design to be clean and simple,” Ian furthers.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
Done in a refreshing combination of white, gray, and light wood, the minimalist studio condo is made more contemporary with hues of blue. “We agreed to use blue as his accent color because it reminded him of the sea, which is his utmost love and passion,” explains Ian. The owner, according to the architect, works at a local bank in Metro Manila and uses his spare time traveling and exploring outside the metro. Given the owner’s lifestyle, he requested for lots of storage space, specifically for his shoes, luggage, and diving equipment. He also wanted a Murphy bed, the hero of space-saving furniture pieces, which Ian had custom-made and integrated into the storage unit.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
Almost everything in the condo is customized, which is perfect given its modest area—the storage spaces, the Murphy bed by Buildrite, the workspace-dining area, and even the rug by Fili in the lounge area. The other items are sourced from Wallcrown, Uratex, All Home, Design Story, Landmark, SM, and Furniture Source. Meanwhile, the custom artwork that adorns the lounge is from Uchimura Gallery.
“We removed the existing closet and replaced it with a custom built-in media cabinet with fixed overhead storage,” Ian adds, pertaining to the entertainment cabinet opposite the Murphy bed. Cove lighting is also added to the ceiling of the main area.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
“We did not put a lot of furniture since the space is very limited. Instead of a living area, we gave him a lounge chair with a small ottoman where he can rest his feet up while reading a book, watch TV, or appreciate the custom artwork reminiscent of the beach,” Ian states.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
condoliving minimalist studio condo
Adjacent to the custom storage integrated with the Murphy bed is the workspace-dining area. The nook has a built-in table where the owner works and eats. A custom corkboard with floating shelves provide extra storage space. The wallpaper behind the workspace-dining area stretches all the way behind the Murphy bed for visual continuity.
Next to the nook is a modest bathroom decorated with frames of leaf prints and a mirror with built-in lighting from Luxen.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
As for the entryway-kitchen, Ian’s team created an additional storage space by the doorway that blends well with the existing kitchen cabinets. The top half is left open to showcase the owner’s kitchen tools and accessories, while the bottom half is for shoe storage.
“He eats out most of the time so he does not use his kitchen that much. He uses that space mostly for cooking instant noodles and boiling hot water,” Ian candidly shares. “He also does his laundry outside so he does not own any washer-dryer,” he adds.
condoliving minimalist studio condo
With such a limited space, Ian shares that all caseworks were built-ins, and the finishes were made of high-pressure laminates which required ample work space. Hence, it took a while for the team to finish the minimalist studio condo—two months. Despite the delay, the owner was very pleased with the outcome. Ian also shares that the unit even looked better in real life than on paper.

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