Look Inside A Modern Contemporary Condo For Three Siblings!

  • August 31, 2018

The Amazing Race was their definition of an ultimate adventure. Jesy shares that when the show came out in the US, they knew that it was something they’d want to be a part of. He adds, “We auditioned for the Asian edition back in college, and when the Philippine edition was announced, we auditioned for the first season as well. It was so much fun! We were consistently in the top three for the first eight legs, but got eliminated on the ninth leg.” While they didn’t win the race, the experience was definitely one for the books. The tight bond between brother and sister is evident as stories are shared and friendly banter exchanged. The condo unit, which Jesy renovated after getting back from the race, was designed with his two sisters in mind as well. condoliving modern contemporary condo “The challenge was editing all the ideas I had for the space,” Jesy shares. The result is a laidback modern contemporary space that makes for a perfect hangout spot for family and friends.

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Upon entry, guests are welcomed to the kitchen and dining area. A round dining set from Philux allows for easier movement across the entire kitchen and dining space. Faux rafters liven up the ceiling while conveniently hiding wiring at the same time. “When I design a space, I think of the look and the function first,” shares Jesy. “For this space, I wanted big common areas for additional seating and sleeping. I wanted a space that’s easy to move around in.” condoliving modern contemporary condo Originally a three-bedroom unit, Jesy opted to get rid of one bedroom to expand the living area, making it more ideal for entertaining guests. He shares that he likes to keep the walls clean, but with texture. “To accentuate the texture, I placed lighting that added depth and drama to the space,” Jesy adds.

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A fun mix of furniture in the living space attests to Jesy’s diverse design style: A Cobonpue Chiquita stool, a classic Eames lounge chair, and a marble-and-wood coffee table from Triboa Bay accompany a cozy sofa bed in perfect neutral harmony. Paintings from Max Balatbat, whom Jesy is a big fan of, add pops of color and pattern-play to the space. A sleek chalkboard and letter holder hangs by the entertainment system in the living area, and adds another element of fun to the space. condoliving modern contemporary condo condoliving modern contemporary condo Stemming from his appreciation for local artists and designers, Jesy has made a number of investments in local pieces from the likes of Leeroy New’s light fixture and Ito Kish’s stool. His bedroom is an accurate representation of his casual style and sensibility. A from clue card from the Amazing Race Philippines hangs on Jesy’s bedroom wall as well. “We aren’t actually supposed to take them, but it was pretty common knowledge. Mine’s in Bulacan,” Yna shares. A fraction of Jesy’s book collection also finds their new home in the unit on shelves from Crate & Barrel.

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Yna and her other sister got dibs on the the bigger bedroom in the unit which Jesy also designed. “We’re very confident with his ideas, so whatever he came up with, we agreed to,” she shares, adding that all she had to so was approve options. condoliving modern contemporary condo “We’re from Bulacan, so the rest of our family is there,” says Yna. “Our other siblings didn’t use to want to come to Manila; but, now with the new condo, they like driving down and staying overnight.” With a modern contemporary condo that reflects the siblings’ spirited personalities to call a home (in Manila) away from home (in Bulacan), there’s no doubt that more adventure is indeed out there for Jesy and Yna. condoliving modern contemporary condo This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s Volume 10 No. 4 2015 issue. Edits were made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com

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