A Rustic and Homey Modern Filipino Condo Overlooking Cebu City

  • May 24, 2018

homey and rustic condo as a welcoming haven after returning from business and holiday trips. The designer interpreted a modern Filipino theme for this project and explains her design inspiration for the two-bedroom unit.

“It is important for me to know our culture and heritage and to incorporate modern innovations while adding a Filipino touch,” says Rizelle.

The designer took advantage of the region’s expertise in sourcing for quality furniture in her client’s condo. “Cebu has a colorful and interesting history in craftsmanship and producing quality furniture,” Rizelle claims. The designer infused modernism to traditional Filipino design by using rattan for the chairs in the living room, and pairing it with bubblegum pink cushions for a modern Filipino design twist.

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Rattan and hardwood design were used generously throughout the unit, a warm contrast against the white walls in all the rooms. Rattan and wood are also two very Filipino materials in terms of interior design. Rizelle advises to “Patronize local artists and craftsmen. Source furniture that are made locally. Not only is this cheaper or helps the environment rom sparing the furniture to travel with the expense of jet fuel, buying local means supporting local talent and helping our countrymen in their entrepreneurship.”

The rest of the design pairings in the living room are eclectic: a plush navy sofa, a stone and metal center table, and a classic Persian-style carpet for a touch of global into the aestehtic.
Behind the sofa is the dining area, it is filled with wooden furniture in different shades, further highlighting a rustic vibe.

The second bedroom is a serene sanctuary bathed in all-white walls to furniture to bedding with accents of blue in the curtains and pillows. White serves as a great backdrop for rooms not only because it makes spaces look bigger but it is also refreshing in hot environments.

When the client is not travelling, she is resting in her condo while bonding with her son. The owner’s young son also played a role in the design decisions for the home from color to the selection of appliances. “We hang out in the bedroom where it’s cozy. There’s a daybed that’s very comfortable to sit and read in and we have a view overlooking Cebu City. You can see Mactan Island and the sunset is magnificent,” the owner shares.

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As the owner and her family continue their travels to the beach and other destinations, their new home will be an oasis where they can enjoy the simple pleasures of sharing common interests in surroundings that reflect their journeys together.
This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2016 Vol. 11.3. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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