Shaira Luna, Photography

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A photographer not only tinkers with cameras. She has the power to capture moments and emotions, and immortalize even those that are known to be fleeting. For Shaira, we envision her condo unit to have lots of natural light. It will also be filled with wonderfully curated graphics for wall art. A portion of the condo unit will be devoted for a small studio where she can take portraits of her friends. .

Kiana Valenciano, Music

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Music, fashion, and interior design are all inter-related. While Kiana’s interests are mostly associated with music, she is also fast rising to become a style icon. We feel her condo unit should combine this to come up with a space that she can truly call her own. Think of rich warm tones with occasional pops of bright hues to enliven. Her walls are adorned with covers of vinyl records and a music corner centered by a pair of mid-century chairs. .

Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo, Public Service

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Even though Anna Mae is a very accomplished woman at such a young age, her vibrant personality is what makes her even more remarkable. This modern maven has displayed her penchant for good taste and we see her in a space that is equally decadent. Playing on her strengths as a people person, we feel having an industrial interiors for her condo unit will allow her to be in her elements. Blending the old and new, there will be lots of pendant lights with exposed bulbs and floors are either done in spartan concrete or polished floors. Accent pieces in muted tones complete her domain. .

Rosenthal Tee, Fashion Design

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Rosenthal is all about adventures. She draws inspirations from her many travels, which translate to her impressive body of work. Known for her pieces with architectural appeal, she weaves in her experiences to every fold and drape. It should come as no surprise then why we see her to be in a very posh and collected condo space, where elegance sets the tone of every piece. The overall aesthetic is testament that form, function, and feelings can exist harmoniously on a single plane. .

Nadine Lustre, Entertainment

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A multimedia star, Nadine is always under the public eye—but she carries herself with grace and confidence that can only come from a wealth of experience. As a well-loved fashion-setter, hers is an innate knack for style. For her condominium design, we feel Nadine will gravitate towards a French-inspired interiors with contemporary upgrades. Dominant with light colors with the occasional metallic shades for a feel of randomness, her condo shall combine finesse with cozy. .

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