This Nordic Condo is A Modern Take on a Warm Cabin in the Forest

  • June 19, 2018

a licensed architect, Jacy credits her early exposure to interior design to working for CS Architecture. However, as it goes with most life changing decisions, it all began with wanting to do something more. For Jacy, it was focusing on interior design and the process of building and developing her own vision and style. The unit, which Jacy and her husband invested in even before they were married, was not designed for anyone in particular. The couple tentatively plan to rent it out, but the unit provided a venue for Jacy to showcase her products as well as try out her own design ideas. “We weren’t sure of our plans for the unit yet, so I figured it was my chance to show our products and experiment,” she shares. Jacy has a concept store called Luona Concepts. Inspired by the earthiness and neutral palettes of Scandinavian interiors, the space is at once homey and mellow—a statement on soft yet sophisticated comfort. Guests are welcomed by the unit’s humble kitchen and dining area. For the dining, Jacy went for a darker neutral palette that contrasts with the light wood flooring. The space is made brighter by her clayware collection as well.

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Hints of color alongside varied textures and patterns inject life and depth to the overall neutral living area. Indoor plants also help break the neutral palette. Just across the living area is the sleeping area, the two spaces are separated and defined by an area rug in the living space. Furniture pieces are also laid out in between to put some kind of division. Jacy particularly enjoys rearranging things and coming up with different vignettes. “In a day I keep on reshuffling stuff,” she shares laughing.

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Jacy is also particular about comfort. “You should maximize what you can,” she says. Instead of getting side tables, she opted to get a bigger bed that she pushed to the corner. Given that the bed took priority in terms of floor space, Jacy designed a movable wood plate, placed it on top of the ledge, and voilà, a bedside table was born. (It slides along the ledge as well.) “Form follows function,” Jacy selects her own accessories by looking beyond the aesthetic to the potential function each piece can serve. This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2015 Vol. 10.2. Edits have been made for

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