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  • November 9, 2018

A family home that is worth the wait

Giovi and Hannah have been living with Giovi’s parents since they got married. They remained there even after having four children. “The place was about 45sqm in size,” Giovi recalls. “We were staying in one room together with our kids and my parents. We had a king-sized bed and a double deck, and we would all sleep beside each other.”
Their house was situated along a national highway crisscrossed by vehicles all day, and it came to a point where their children could no longer play outside because it was unsafe. “We realized something had to change,” shares Hannah. “That’s when we started looking at subdivisions and villages that would meet our family’s needs.”
Both Giovi and Hannah wanted to live in a beautiful, restful home where the children can grow up safe and they can live in relative peace and quiet. The couple has demanding schedules, with their family owning a bus company in Laguna and an industrial park in Cavite.

tropical home
As a design collaboration between friends and family, the house enjoys spaces and elements that all stem from their wishes as a family

The couple wanted to have their own place but it took them a while to find the perfect home for them. They were even ready to move in to one of the houses they saw in Alabang. But after going through all subdivisions, they still can’t find the perfect match. Some houses were okay, but were too small. There were others that were fully-furnished but they did not like the style. “Most importantly, the kind of environment they were in wasn’t a fit for what we wanted for our family,” recounts Hannah.
After some time, the couple decided to build their home from scratch. They tapped the help of Giovi’s brother who is an architect and the project started to roll. Together with architects Nomer Dungca and Japs Yachulay, and Byron Tolentino who did the interiors, the construction of the couple’s family home finally came about. The team collaborated on the design concept, where they find themselves browsing magazines—and yes, even getting ideas from MyHome.
tropical home
Narra was used for the staircase of the house. The accent wall beneath it, turned into a display area, is home to a Ram Mallari sculpture and other pieces from Giovi’s collection. An Arturo Luz painting above a console hangs breaks the monotony of the bare white walls

The couple wanted a modern house with a tropical vibe suited to the variable weather conditions in the area. The owners and the team took into account the climate in Cavite, where the house was being built.
The façade of the house is made from a combination of different varieties of Philippine hardwood.  Wood was predominantly used throughout the house as finishing and for the furniture pieces. The designers decided on an open layout that would connect all the main areas of the house, with a focus on how the spaces would flow into each other.
tropical home
The commanding entry is characterized by large stone slabs, transparent walls, and strong elements. A view of the landscape beyond is visible even from the front of the house

It took the family quite a while before they were able to adjust to their new environment when construction finished and they finally moved into their 800sqm home. The kids were used of sleeping beside their parents that they would always asked their parents to be with them; just they did before they moved. The adjustment period took about a month. Now, when the couple invites their kids to stay with them in their room, “Ayaw na nila! Nakapag-adjust na sila!” laughs Hannah.
Both parents were adamant in not putting television sets in any of their kids’ rooms. “We want to be able to see each other and spend time together in the house. If they want to watch TV, they can go to our bedroom and we can watch together. If they have their own, I doubt they would even go out of their rooms,” Giovi says. To make up for this, they decided on a family room upstairs where everyone can watch movies together. It is also equipped with several gaming consoles and board games to keep all members of the family entertained.
tropical home
The eldest son’s room features wood lines that move from wall to ceiling, coupled with cove lighting and a display niche behind the bed

tropical home
Bright blue was used as an accent color in the youngest son’s bedroom, while another side was painted with diagonal gray lines. Favorite toys and collections are displayed on cantilevered shelves

tropical home
Orange and shades of brown were used for the second son’s room. Hexagonal floating shelves add to the dynamism of the space

The main living area and the lanai downstairs have been turned into the de facto spaces for entertaining whenever they have guests. On the third floor, a viewing deck can also accommodate birthdays and small family reunions. “They are very family-oriented. This house is really centered on the couple’s parents and their own family. That’s what makes this place enjoyable. The house is quite big, and it’s not just meant for Sir Giovi’s family, but also for getting all his relatives together,” Byron, who furnished the interiors, shares.
tropical home
This airy living area is tastefully furnished with earth-toned furniture pieces and décor. Greens, glass sliding panels, and a double volume ceiling contribute to the relaxed feel

tropical home
The dining space benefits from borrowed views from outside. The dining table seats eight, but can accommodate more courtesy of the long hard wood bench used in lieu of side chairs

Ultimately, one of Giovi’s wishes is to have two master bedrooms in their home—one for him and his wife, and the other for his parents. As the eldest in their family, Giovi wants his siblings to also provide a space in their homes for their parents. As for the house’s elevation and layout, these both form the letter ‘H’, which stands for Hannah. “It was Giovi’s special gift to me as we never had the chance to have our own place when we got married,” she explains.
tropical home
The master bedroom is a study in simplicity with its calming color palette and tufted furniture pieces. The bathroom can be seen from the glass wall on the right

tropical home
The master bath is calming and luxurious, and benefits from natural lighting through wide windows by the corner tub

Like most other happy families, they know that it’s not what we have, but who we have in our lives that matter.
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