This 40-Sqm Unit by Morfosis Design Is A Millennial's Dream Condo!

  • July 17, 2018

One common notion about medicine school is that it’s hard. Students of medicine go through many sleepless nights, long shifts in the hospital, and endless study sessions. The users of this condo, likewise, are doctors in the making. They received this unit as a lovely gift from their grandmother, who wanted them to have a place to study and rest while in med school. The siblings come from a family of doctors. The younger girl is in her first year of medicine school while the eldest boy is in his third year. Both of them spend great amount of time studying. Moreover, the eldest brother also does duties in the hospital that involves long hour shifts. Morfosis Design The unit is conveniently located right beside the siblings’ medicine school. Upon purchase, the siblings and their grandma reached out to interior designers Misty Floro and Pai Edles of Morfosis Design to renovate the unit. The renovation project started in May and took only a month to finish. “We started our design process by interviewing the clients and finding out what they need,” explains Misty. “We wanted the space to be a refuge for our clients, who would like a comfortable place to come home to, to either rest or study.” Morfosis Design Before the renovation, the turnover unit looked bare and basic. According to Morfosis Design, the finishings inside were also in bad condition as the unit had uneven paint and crooked walls. Luckily, this problem was addressed by the design team’s contractor. The design team also replaced the vinyl floor tile in wood finish and retained an open ceiling. Morfosis Design did not do any major construction or structural changes in the unit. However, they ensured to maximize the unit’s space and did make it functional for the end users. “Since they were sharing a bedroom, we designed a built-in bed with drawers, with a pegboard wood divider in the center, so that they would each still have some privacy,” Misty explains. The pegboard divider is customizable where the siblings can post notes, photos, and other things. Morfosis Design The design duo took inspiration from the chic design hostels in Europe and capsule hotels in Japan. “Also, we took inspiration from the word “capsule,” as a medical term, in terms of the shapes of design elements found inside the unit,” Misty explains. Curved shapes and edges take play in the unit like the wood slat accent wall behind the sofa, the mirror at the dining area, and the sofa cushions. Both the siblings had their own design requests from Pai and Misty too. The younger girl requested for a bar height study table similar to the bar tables in Starbucks as she likes studying in the said coffee shop. “She also wanted the cafe feel, so we made use of birch wood slats and birch plywood as accents for a warmer, cozy feel. We also made use of pendant lamps to highlight each space,” shares Misty. The boy, on the other hand, requested for a regular height study desk which is placed in the bedroom. “He prefers studying in a quiet, distraction-free environment,” explains Misty. Morfosis Design In the bedroom, each of the siblings’ bedside has a wall lamp for focused lighting whenever they read books or study. Another request of theirs was a sofa bed, so that a family member or guest can stay over. The sofa was placed against the wall perpendicular to the living area’s window, so as not to obstruct the view inside the unit. Morfosis Design The living room has an interesting accent wall that’s functional for the students as well! The wall in muted blue color is a clear coat of a “whiteboard paint,” which can be written on with a whiteboard marker!  “It’s very useful for notes that the siblings need to memorize, and other reminders such as grocery lists,” tips Misty. Morfosis Design The unit has minimal accessories and furniture to maximize the space for the clients’ books and other belongings. “We wanted the clients to feel inspired when using the condo, and that’s why we put a neon flex signage that says ‘Do something great.’ Someday, they will become doctors and do great things, and we wanted them to be reminded of that,” she shares. Morfosis Design Misty further explains that working on this 40-sqm unit was a breeze. “I’m really thankful to our clients because they gave their 100% trust to us. We requested them not to visit the unit for the last 2 weeks until completion so that we could do a surprise reveal. Thankfully, they were very happy with the results,” she concludes.

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