Morfosis Design on its beginnings, morphing into a multifaceted studio

In the second episode of BluPrint Conversation's third season, we sit down with the creative heads behind the young design firm, Morfosis Design.

Morfosis Design is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio with expertise in commercial and residential interiors. Established in 2013 by Misty Floro and Pai Edles, the team’s mission is to create unique spaces that embody authenticity, braveness, and boldness.

In the latest episode of BluPrint Conversation’s third season, we sat down with the creative heads behind the young design firm, tackling the studio’s formation and its metamorphosis into what it is now and what it will be, as well as the hurdles and advantages of being a young design firm.

bluprint conversations morfosis design
Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100

“We thought that when we design spaces, there’s always changemorphosis or metamorphosisbut not just any kind of change. We always try to affect a positive change in our design. So, we try to add value in all of our projects,” Floro begins.

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In an interview first published on BluPrint’s Under 38 special issue, Edles further explains, “We always make it a point to be updated with the latest news in the design industry and educate ourselves with current events and topics … It is by being well-informed of the past and present that we are able to design for the future.”

bluprint conversations morfosis design

Floro also cited seeking mentors or friends in the creative field to surpass hurdles, especially when setting up a design studio. “What was really helpful for most of us was to ask our mentors, our friends who have gone through that experience, not only about the business side of things, but also in terms of design and running the design business in general,” Floro expounds.

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“We started with the small projects, and most of our projects we get from word of mouth or referrals. So, we don’t do any advertising or marketing. It’s usually friends of friends or friends of family, and I guess a lot (of start-up design studios) start that way,” Floro furthers.

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