Recap of the pre-celebration of National Architecture Week 2018

The National Architecture Week 2018 organized by the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) – UST promoted local architecture and sustainability, among others.

  • January 10, 2019

  • Written by BluPrint Team

  • Photos courtesy of UAPSA – UST

The Beato Angelico Building in UST dedicated the latter part of last year to discussions and workshops concerning the built environment, which lasted from November 26 to December 1, 2018. The celebration of National Architecture Week 2018 (NAW) welcomed professionals and eminent personalities who shared their personal narratives to many aspiring architects.

One of the events forwarded was PRAXIS, a competition that promoted awareness of the economic and political challenges confronting the Philippines. In line with this, architecture students were tasked to put forth innovative designs that are both functional and sustainable. The competition was categorized into two parts: model-making that captured the overall message of the presented design for the first category, and ideas or concepts for the second.

national architecture week
UAPSA-UST’s NAW Driven By Passion ends with an outstanding support from the UST Arki community. Photo by Giezl Santos.

NAW began with Driven by Passion, an event that invited exemplary architecture students to share their involvements in the area of architecture, as well as their respective passions. The student speakers who inspired the audience were: Nikko Arbilo, Ross Gallardo, and Aramis Corullo. All three spoke of their experiences in the field, while Amiel Manalo shared accounts from his travels and appetite for vlogging, Denise Cruz on her calligraphy expertise, Alexa Libanan regarding her chorale experiences, Misha Bernardino on her online business, and Drigs Zaldivar on his love for basketball. Driven by Passion was stirred by the organization’s year-long theme “Igniting Abilities,” which empowered architecture students by showcasing their strengths.

Subsequently, students were invited to uncover their calligraphy skills through Strokes: Chinese Painting Workshop. In collaboration with Scarlet Architecture, the said workshop cultivated students who were eager about the expressions of ink. The workshop raised the need to teach the fundamentals of rendering that integrates techniques from Chinese traditions. The session was covered by Dr. Ulysses Yu, who specializes in mixed media arts.

national architecture week
Dr. Ulysses Yu with the Scarlet-Arki Family during NAW Strokes, a collaboration between UAPSA-UST and UST Scarlet-Arki. Photo by Patricia Lomeda Post-processed by Andrea Ugay.

F-Stop: Photography and Post-Processing Workshop brought by Arkitrato UST in cooperation with UAPSA – UST took place afterwards. Here, students were given a crash course to help them in their editing needs with the use of Lightroom. Those who spoke in the event were Trisha Poserio and Kebin Chiu, who also imparted the students the basics of photography, such as the standard ISO-aperture-shutter speed combination. The speakers discussed useful tricks in shooting portraits and architecture, as well as on how to frame the subject. Partakers of the workshop were advised to explore beyond the convention, and were reminded that photography is supposed to be an art without cost.

national architecture week
UST Arkitrato conducts NAW F-stop at CADD RM, Beato Angelico, UST Photo by Thomas Intal.

Architecture Network compèred Trivium: Unravelling the Urban Fabric last November 28, which is a 3-part specialization lecture series annually hosted by ARCHINET in partnership with UAPSA–UST. Professionals who are versed in enlacing the cityscape in their designs delivered talks in the event. Ar. Gelo Mañosa shared with the students of the College of Architecture his experiences in displaying the Filipino identity in a foreign country. His work in the Hermitage is proof that architecture has the faculty to communicate Filipino imprints regardless of where the individual is. On building properly, L. Arch Paulo Alcazaren emphasized the importance of understanding the situations of those living in a certain area, and the need to carefully plan space to suit their needs. Ar. May Mariano, on the other hand, proposed ways on how to improve cities for the long-run development, sustainability, and self-sufficiency.

national architecture week
UST Architecture Network, along with guest speaker Ar. May Mariano, during NAW Trivium Photo by Alyssa Tagala.

Telos, a round table discussion, concluded the events for NAW. Mr. Chester Arcilla, Ar. Joy Dawis – Asuncion, Ar. Peter Paredes Enp., and Ar. Ralph Sotoridona Enp., opened discourses regarding urbanization. Several personalities from different architecture schools also joined the discussion, and uncovered issues currently facing the design community, such as those visible but not properly tended to. Mr. Chester Arcilla, a sociologist from the University of the Philippines outlined gentrification, and the process of urban planning. Ar. Joy Dawis – Asuncion talked about the responsibility of an architect or planner, and highlighted the significance of local architecture. Both Ar. Ralph Sotoridona Enp. and Ar. Peter Paredes Enp. examined the nature, definition, and objectives of urbanization in the Philippine setting, shedding light on the opportunities and confronts in cultivating the well-being of societies through urban planning process. A feast celebrating the National Architecture Week, together with the announcement of the winners for the PRAXIS Category A, succeeded the round table discussion.

UAPSA – UST would like to thank media partners, BluPrint, SparkUp, and Monster RX93.1, as well as sponsors Globesco, Inc., Sphero Paints, Pacific Properties, Wilcon Depot, and Microadd Institute who showcased their booths throughout the entire week and celebrated the National Architecture Week with the students of the college. B ender


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