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The CRK’s new terminal now merges the safety of social distancing with intuitive and nature-inspired designs

When one thinks of airports, the words “Huge” and “Spacious” always come to mind first. The Luzon International Premier Airport Development Corp. (LIPAD), head of operations and management of CRK however, puts the words “Relaxation” and “Safety” at its helm. By July 2021, the Clark International Airport’s New Terminal will be set to operate on such an approach. A mega project with four levels, 110,000 square meters, and a capacity to hold eight million passengers, the terminal was designed to be a space of safety, ease, and quiet. 

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A natural approach 

Inspired by the nearby natural formations and landscapes like the vast mountain ranges of Zambales and Pampanga’s majestic Mt. Arayat, the terminal has a color palette that mimics nature with the use of muted greens and blues mixed with soft grays and browns. To further highlight the natural and peaceful atmosphere, the terminal would notify travelers through posted updates for quick references instead of the usual echoing calls for boarding and departures (which will now only be used for emergencies). 

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Aside from its calming aesthetic, the terminal also gives travelers the chance to option for no-face-to-face interactions which are made available through the common-use self-serve kiosks (CUSS) and self-service bag drops. These kiosks are shared by other airlines and are independent spaces free of ground staff. 


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Independence in Design 

Though the new design allows for respite for ground staff and better social distancing protocols, the independent design is very much intuitive and deletes the idea of complexity by incorporating fine, intrusive details. These include distinctive colors that carry certain uses. For example, the use of green directs passengers to the international flights while blue points to domestic flights. The terminal’s layout itself is also uncomplicated and allows for a streamlined travel process. Upon entering the terminal, travelers are greeted by the check-in counters. After, they are prompted straight to screening before turning either towards domestic flights or left towards immigration and international boarding.

“We will operate a ‘silent airport policy’”, LIPAD CEO Bi Young Chungunco says, “meaning it will be the quietest and most relaxing airport in the Philippines.”

Whether these travelers are flying domestically or internationally, the Clark International Airport’s new terminal is clearly designed for safety and relaxation even before your vacation really begins. 

The Luzon International Premier Airport Development Corporation (LIPAD) is a special purpose company established to manage the operations and maintenance of Clark International Airport and is guided by consortium members who each have vast experience in airport operations, air transportation, and property development. The members of LIPAD Corporation are Filinvest Development Corporation, JG Summit Holdings Inc., Philippine Airport Ground Support Services Inc., Changi Airports Philippines (I) Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Changi Airports International. TLIPAD Corporation has committed to bring in this expertise to transform Clark International Airport to a world-class airport.

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