One Montage’s Innovation and Sustainability Brings Hope in Workspaces

One Montage Tower’s Innovation and Sustainability Brings Hope in Workspaces

May 6, 2022



Shan Arcega

“Architecture in its basic understanding, is an art and a science. Like any other art form, it nurtures the soul and the spirit. As a science, it alleviates humanity in a more practical sense. Architecture at another level transforms humanity in all aspects. Just as God gave us nature to nourish the spirit, built form nourishes the spirit as well.”

In today’s society, architecture and interior design have become some of the most important practices that can help society regain its humanity after the pandemic’s grim effects. Among the many local architects working to leave a bigger mark on the local architecture scene is Alex Medalla of Arkinamix. His Cebu-based architecture firm is recognized as one of the homes of progressive designers who are probably constantly working on the inner cogs of their minds to make a difference in the local architecture scene.

In a wider sense, good public architecture is a shadow of home for everyone, a waiting shed open to people who need shelter and evades the word “exclusion.” Most importantly, good public architecture won’t stand for becoming a dull space presenting the dull and insensitive side of necessary work.


“What could make ‘Montage’ unique as a mixed-use building is probably the effect it has on its occupants,” Medalla says when asked about what makes the project different. “There should be a sense of pride when working in the confines of an office environment unique in space and form. If architecture is ‘frozen music,’ living within its confines must translate somewhere in a person’s psyche.”

On the outside, One Montage Tower is a contemporary building that has an almost futuristic look to its facade. This building is a LEED Pre-Certified office building working as an offshoot of the LINK building in Ayala IT Park owned and operated by Innoland Development Group.

As a project designed to adapt to the pandemic and the new normal, One Montage Tower has a notable retail podium lined with alfresco spaces across the length of the podium where tenants can enjoy outdoor dining and other leisure activities under the sun.

In Medalla’s point of view, another important thing the future Philippine administration should focus on is the creation of more emergency health infrastructures. Rather than continuously building roads (that were either left unused during the pandemic or are too heavily congested), it’s time to build more facilities that focus on health.


Years dominated by COVID-19 have become years that inspired innovation. Necessary innovation that can breathe clean air into our tired minds and bodies. There is harmony in innovation. The urge to make something new will always inspire harmony and bring the right people together. In the architectural sense, continuous innovation toward creating spaces like the One Montage Tower can be steps, no matter how small, to coping with a new normal that includes more open spaces.

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Photo credits: Ed Simon