Is Open Layout For You? Consider These Points Before You Decide

  • November 26, 2018

You’ve seen us cheer for open layouts; and most, if not all of our featured condos have it. Sure, small studio units have no other choice; but, for those with ample space to play around with the layout, heed what we say: Open-floor layout is not always the best choice. condoliving open layout cons

1 | Entertaining Is Occasional

One reason why an open floor concept for homes became popular is entertaining. Having guests over requires a decent amount of available floor space to accommodate people inside your place. For small spaces like condominiums, the solution to this is to either combine the living and dining, or to discard walls or doors all together. However, designing for entertaining that comes occasionally is not always the best or smartest choice. Designing for everyday living is the way to go. condoliving alero design studio

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2 | I Can Hear You From Here

If you’re sharing your condo with another person, it would be a challenge to keep the volume or the noise level down even when you’re in different areas. You might need some sleep to recharge from pulling an all-nighter, but your housemate decided to have an action movie marathon. There’s no way you’ll have a good night’s sleep in an open layout. condoliving luxe rental condo

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3 | Not The Home Scent You’re Expecting

With the kitchen open, there’s no way that whatever meal you’re cooking won’t find its way to the other end of your condo unit. Although your food might smell so good your mouth starts to water, the smell is not the home scent you’d want to have in your space, more so on your sofa or bed. Imagine receiving remarks like “Is that red onion spray?” tropical style

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4 | I See What You Did There

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little privacy. You won’t want to let your guests or even the delivery guy from your favorite fast food chain see everything in your condo in one sweep when they drop by, would you? Besides, everyone benefits from having alone time sometimes, but with an open layout that allows everyone to feel like they’re in one space doesn’t help.

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