The Responsible Owners’ Guide To Pet Safety During Fireworks

  • December 19, 2018

1 | Double-Check The Tag It’s a typical scenario to have pets missing during this season. Although you live in a condo, there is always this possibility, so make sure your pets are wearing their collars with the complete information–numbers, contact person, address, etc. Other options include microchips implanted, or a technologically-advanced collar with built-in tracker.

2 | Wear Them Out

During the day, before all the fireworks displays start, take your pets to a walk at the nearby park and play with them. It is advisable to exercise and wear your pets out so at night when the firecrackers light up the sky, your pets would be too tired to even think about fireworks. Better yet, they would be sound asleep by that time.

3 | Create A Safe Haven

If you want to watch the fireworks display outside—meaning, you’ll have to keep the curtains out of the view—you will need to confine your pet in a calmer and safer place. Prepare a crate or cage, and surround it with lots of blanket and pillows. It also helps to throw in some treats. You can place the crate in a more secluded and less noisy space in your condo.

4 | Reduce Glare And Noise

Close the balcony door and draw the curtains to muffle the noise created by the explosion of fireworks and reduce the glare from the sparkles. If you still want to view the spectacle with your pets, make sure that you carry them properly so they feel safe even with the loud noise.

5 | Introduce Aromatherapy

Humans aren’t the only beings who can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Pets, especially when it’s the season of fireworks and blinding lights, also calm down and relax to the scent of lavender oils. Using essential oil mixture, spray some on the blankets or pillows inside the crate. You may also use reed diffusers.

6 | Distract With Toys And Treats

As mentioned earlier, it helps to put in treats inside their safe haven. Toys will distract them from the outside noise by keeping the pets preoccupied. Same goes with treats, especially when you need to leave them alone, or when you have to go out for the night. You would not want your pet scared and starved, would you?

7 | Play Calming Music

Mask the outside noise created by the fireworks with a calming classical music, or any positive noise like your pet’s favorite TV show or film. Just keep these background noise on a tolerable volume, enough to drown the fireworks outside. Remember to speak normally or calmly when you talk to your pet and keep your composure.

8 | Consult Your Vet

The best way to keep your pet safe and sound during the fireworks display will be to talk to your veterinarian. If your pet has severe anxiety, your vet might have to prescribe your pet suitable medications, and give you the best tips customized to your pet’s condition or requirements.

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