See How This Condo Brought Pinterest Mood Boards To Life!

  • August 3, 2018

Design ideas and inspirations hail from different platforms. Designers usually take inspiration from design magazines, their own travels across the globe, or the internet. One avid fan of Pinterest is design enthusiast Michelle Rinosa-Sy, who transformed this unit with the help of Pinterest mood boards. pinterest condo The owners of this unit are IT-couple Sol and PJ Rivero who tied the knot just last year. “Both my husband and I work in an IT company, but it’s I who mainly use the unit as my husband is often on shore for work,” shares Sol, the wife. pinterest condo While the couple is in the same industry, Sol shares that she and her husband are the complete opposite. “My husband is an extrovert, baligtad kami,” she tells. PJ is into basketball, which is why the couple bought this specific unit located right in front of the estate’s basketball court. Meanwhile, Sol enjoys reading books of varying genres indoors. “We chose to live in a condo because of affordability. We bought this at pre-selling price, which is cheaper than RFO units,” she shares. pinterest condo The clients met Michelle online. Sol shares that she came across one of Michelle’s projects through Instagram. Impressed by the decorator’s portfolio, Sol then reached out to Michelle for the renovation of their unit. The unit renovation was fulfilled immediately, as the building’s admin only allows 30 days of construction period. Upon meeting, Michelle asked Sol what their requests for the unit were. Moreover, she asked the client to create a Pinterest mood board to curate all her design pegs. “I asked for more storage space since there are constraints in condo spaces. And I also told her that I have a lot of books and toys,” shares Sol. pinterest condo This request resulted to a colorful reading nook that is housed inside the guest room. “I was really happy when Michelle integrated a bed in the reading nook to save space,” shares Sol. The reading nook is composed of two stacked mattresses, which serve as the guests’ bed space. This area also has open shelves around where Sol’s collection of Momiji dolls are displayed. pinterest condo The walls of the entire unit were repainted with neutral colors. The floorings of the living area were also altered, aside from the bedrooms’ existing floor vinyls. On the living area, space was maximized through the TV with extendable brackets that can face different areas of the unit. “It’s PJ’s favorite part of the unit. Whether he’s eating in the dining area or chilling at the kitchen bar, he adjusts the TV to where he is,” shares the wife. pinterest condo The cute dining area, also inspired by a peg from Pinterest, collates unmatched dining chairs and stools. A mirror wall takes up the space, which actually features storage space behind. “My priority when designing condos is storage. It doesn’t always have to be a cabinet, so by the dining area is a mirror storage that also functions as design,” explains Michelle. Below the cabinet is a pull-out shoe rack for the couple’s footwear. pinterest condo

“There were no major changes in the structure of the unit, it was more on providing additional storage space for the couple,” Michelle says.

Most of the furniture pieces in the unit were customized. The part of the unit which received a total makeover was the bathroom in teal and B&W colors. Its look was also based from Pinterest pegs. pinterest condo While the rest of the unit is chic and feminine in style, the bedroom was made different with its dark wall color and rustic headboard. “The first render Michelle showed us had tufted headboard, but we wanted something rustic,” Sol explains. pinterest condo After a month of overhaul, the unit is now the couple’s own oasis away from the metro. “We’re really happy especially my husband. Whenever he’s here, ayaw na niyang umaalis. And the ample storage space also helped us have a more livable unit,” Sol explains. Thanks to Pinterest and Michelle’s design efforts, the couple’s dream haven has now come to life. condoliving pinterest inspired condo

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