The new normal is beyond this pandemic, two architects and a public policy consultant say

Second LIXIL live session reactors Leandro Poco, Benjee Mendoza, and Marco Sardillo redefine ‘new normal,’ bare real issues, and propose an overhaul of policies

Tolentino’s Manifesto

At no time are one's values and principles more critical than in this turbulent time of COVID-19, economic recession, and social unrest. We revisit the story behind the remarkable manifesto of AIDEA’s President & CEO.

Build a Better Normal: Advising Clients in a Brave New World

According to Asia Pacific Real Estate Association CEO Sigrid Zialcita, the building of the future is efficient, safe, smart, healthy, and sustainable

For Christine Bruckner, ‘Build a Better Normal’ means prioritizing the wellbeing of people and the planet

The M Moser Associates Director defines the leading role architects must take in defining a new paradigm towards a better normal

Asian practices discuss ‘Life After COVID-19’

WAF’s webinar with 20 Asian architects discuss the value of space, sanitation, and social connection amidst the pandemic and life thereafter

Work with Honor: Rogelio Villarosa shares the secret to his success and longevity

Forty-three years since setting up his office, Rogelio 'Roger' Villarosa reflects on how building and maintaining the trust of clients ensured his success

Daring By Design: Stories of courage and creative pursuits

Recognizing June as a month of pride and prowess, 12 architects and designers share their personal breakthroughs in the architecture and design industry

Water architecture guru Koen Olthius and his ‘Top Ten Trends Towards Floating Cities’

Olthuis' floating structures may not be practicable in our context yet, but his ideas show possibilities which we may investigate and take inspiration from

Design Without Boundaries: The out-of-the-box approach of Misty Floro and Pai Edles

As queer people in the creative industry, Morfosis principals Misty Floro and Pai Edles believe that design should be authentic, brave, and bold

Designing In The Age Of The Anthropocene

Taken from the Greek words “anthropos” (human) and “kainos” (new), the Anthropocene is defined by humans’ impact on the environment

Post-Pandemic Deconstruction

Planning and design responses to the coronavirus pandemic are on a direct collision course with capitalist intent. What's the way around this?

Women Run Design: Onet Coronel believes in all-inclusive design

BUDJI+ROYAL Associate Architect Onet Coronel says that when you share the same goal and passion, the work dynamics between the sexes is the same