Women Run Design: Onet Coronel believes in all-inclusive design

BUDJI+ROYAL Associate Architect Onet Coronel says that when you share the same goal and passion, the work dynamics between the sexes is the same

Women Run Design: DEQA Principal Denise de Castro on why gender is unimportant to achieving one’s creative potential

Manila-based architect Denise de Castro highlights passion for design and humanity as paramount attributes to possess to be impactful designers

Women Run Design: Landscape architect Pui Phornprapha on nature and human’s interconnectedness

For P Landscape's Pui Pornprapha, being a woman in a man’s world is like being a man in a woman’s world—it’s equal and rooted in nature’s interconnectedness

Women Run Design: Matilda Sung on why interior design emphasizes a woman’s strengths

Graphite Studio co-founder Matilda Sung stresses that in the architecture and design industry, interior design and women practitioners need to be valued more

Women Run Design: Narita Cheah encourages women to make themselves present

Paperspace Asia’s founder and director Narita Cheah explains that recognition in the design industry does not depend on gender, but on power

Women Run Design: Jean de Castro believes that any woman can build her future

CEO of ESCA Incorporated Jean de Castro is living proof that the future, like an initial structural drawing, can be greater than what you imagined

Women Run Design: Being female is not an excuse nor a limitation—Cathy Saldaña

Cathy Saldaña of PDP Architects says women are not just breaking barriers but also bending the steel and looking at ways to be taller or as tall as the men

Women Run Design: For Twitee Vajrabhaya, architecture knows no gender

While architecture is predominantly male, Twitee Vajrabhaya does not discriminate; instead, she sees equal opportunities for all genders in Thailand

Women Run Design: How Jumax Morgia walked away from and ran back to architecture

Principal Architect of Evolve PH Jumax Morgia proves that her journey, like many others, started with an array of choices led by solid conviction

Collaborative design informs the culture and process of HANDStudio

The studio’s culture and environment allows its members to discover their individual voices and share their creativity to the table

Lessons from Anthology: Future cities depend on the present

Shelter Dialogues “Future Cities” underscored that simply building developments does not equate to building progressive communities

Lessons from Anthology: Never forget the basics of architecture

Parametric vs Hand Anthology RAW emphasized that technology will not be detrimental if the design process remains traditional