Design in the time of Covid

Design is about people; design is about experience. But how do we even begin to design now in the face of an abominable threat?

Farming, heritage, and communities: How communities within heritage sites have been since COVID-19

Members of the International Council on Monuments and Sites Philippines (ICOMOS Philippines) provide updates on the livelihood of farmers and communities within heritage sites

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Dissecting long-held standards of proportion and their relevance today

Whether or not we let these systems reign over our practices, proportion will always impact the way users feel within a space and about a structure.

What Were They Thinking: A strange sight in Jaro Plaza

Mamma Mia! Have you ever seen this caged, enclosed, and fenced statue of the Blessed Mother Mary in Jaro Plaza, Iloilo City?

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Digital Predictions: Avoiding design errors by complementing human intelligence with digital technology

Autodesk Vice President for Strategic Foresight Jon Pittman says that digital design tools can augment human intelligence and give designers a chance to be innovative while mitigating the risks of trying something new and unpredictable

What Were They Thinking: Neo-classical elements out of context

Greek gods take residence in this building with a startling contrast between the Neo-classical and modern elements

Keeping creativity flowing while staying at home in isolation

An interview with award-winning furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue on staying inspired and on top of his business during the pandemic

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Specialization in Education: How do you develop a distinct edge?

In order to produce internationally competitive architects, schools should revise their curricula to include specialization