Prepare and Serve the Best Meals With These 5 Kitchen Essentials

  • January 4, 2019

The key to any good recipe is finding the perfect balance of flavors while making sure the food looks as good as it tastes. Much like quality ingredients, being equipped with the right kitchen essentials is key to creating good food.

Here are five kitchen essentials you can use to whip up the perfect meal at home:


Spice: Organize a spice rack

Having multiple rows of vibrantly colored spice bottles in your cooking space is so pleasing to the eye. A bonus is that assembling the whole thing can be quite fun, therapeutic, even. Place multi-tiered organizers in your kitchen cabinet and use it to color-coordinate your different shades of saffron and turmeric. Line them all up wherever reaching out to them while cooking would be most convenient.


kitchen essentials
It’ll be so satisfying to use once it’s all set up, trust us

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Grow an Herb Garden
Whether it be a small row of potted plants by your kitchen windowsill or a fully functional kitchen herb well, having edible greenery growing nearby instantly enlivens the room. Those intimidated by gardening can easily purchase ready-to-harvest potted herbs in almost any leading grocery.
kitchen essentials
You’ll have an option to have a classic, sleek herb planter if you choose to build your custom kitchen with Siematic

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Choose Your Fighter

There are five essential cookware pieces you’ll need for your kitchen:

  • Cast iron skillet

Whether it’s brand new or a hand-me-down from your grandmother, with a bit of care, an honest-to-goodness cast iron skillet is an addition to your cooking arsenal that will last you ages. Use this for making good steak or for baking skillet cookies.

  • Saucepan

This one’s perfect for making your famous bolognese sauce, or for boiling small batches of rice or pasta. It’s exceptionally versatile, so it’s a great addition to your collection of tools in the kitchen.

  • Sauté pan

A sauté pan is excellent for shallow-frying, making large batches of food, or making stir-fry. Essentially, you should be able to make an entire meal using this pan.

  • Non-stick skillet

Yes, that one handy frying pan you reach out for to fry your eggs and flip your pancakes. Remember, the non-stick coating on every one of these skillets will eventually chip off, no matter how expensive it is. We recommend you invest in a mid-range skillet so you won’t have to constantly replace bargain bin skillets, or spend too much on a fancy skillet that will indeed lose its coating anyway.

  • Stockpot

Stockpots are essential when you’re making food for large groups, given that stock and/or broth is often used as a base for a lot of tasty recipes you can make in bulk. It’s perfect for things like making porridge, boiling water for your pasta, or for steaming veggies. We suggest investing in a sturdy stockpot that’s just light enough for you to lug it around after filling it up.


kitchen essentials
If you’re lucky enough to have inherited a cast iron skillet from your grandmother, it should be seasoned enough to double as a non-stick skillet— saving you the trouble of constantly replacing non-stick skillets that have gone past their prime

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Invest in Your Appliances

Think of it this way, you’re going to be using these appliances every day for decades on. Relying on a cheaply-made stove range or induction cooker definitely won’t get you that far. Choosing between gas or electric cookers and ranges is completely your call given that they both have their perks and disadvantages. When picking out a range for your kitchen, you’ll never go wrong with stainless steel.


kitchen essentials
Invest because relying on cheaply-made appliances definitely won’t get you that far


Serve Like a Pro

When choosing your dishes and flatware, you can never go wrong with the classics. If you plan on keeping your dishes for years to come, investing in high quality pieces will be worth the money. Sleek, simple, and durable options are available everywhere, it’s only a matter of choosing between the thousands of design and color options available.

For a timeless look, we highly recommend bone white or cream-colored dishes and classic stainless steel flatware. Trust us, they’ll look good with any table setting your heart desires. For a pop of color, opt for simple rim designs.


kitchen essentials
Did you know that people tend to enjoy their food a lot more when they’re eating with heavier dinnerware? Go ahead and Google it, we’re not kidding!

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