Project Submission

Marvin Tolete alludes to the bahay kubo’s flexibility in designing a modern Filipino home

Bahay Kubo 2050 by Marvin Tolete Architects focuses on progressive design, demonstrating simplicity, stability, and sustainability

JCCA Design Studio frames outdoor views with Balai Bakuran

Balai Bakuran by JCCA Design Studio, set at the rear edge of a rectangular lot in Antipolo City, and is designed to frame the expansive front outdoor space

Platform 21’s ‘Bahay Sibi’ is inspired by nipa hut awnings

Bahay Sibi adapted the design of traditional Filipino roof extensions to lessen the heat and diffuse the glare of sunlight

Domes Village: New Clark City’s reclaimed timber domes linked by bridges

Vernacular forms and high-tech precision marry in the Domes Village by Silverlens Galleries, Bernardo Pacquing, Superproject, and Summum Engineering