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RDMA, a Bandung-based architecture and design firm, completed the endearing resort-style Ton Villas in Indonesia. Wood was used as the primary building material for the expansive 3500 square meter property, a reflection of the client’s love for the element. Four guest villas, two meeting rooms, a gaming room, a bar area, a private chapel, and a pavilion are all part of the residential complex. Given that the client enjoys entertaining large crowds, a spacious dining area and a lounge were also added to the facilities. The pavilion and other common areas, where visitors could socialize, overlook the extremely broad pond that stretches across the property.

Massive lumber and live trees were especially transported to the site, adding to the resort-like atmosphere of the colossal residence. Furthermore, the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the home was created by using carefully selected wood design elements. Concrete blocks, stone wall accents, steel and metal structures were also utilized to create layers in the project, resulting in an elevated design typology. The villas are filled with interesting details that will intrigue curious visitors.

Visitors can experience various architectural and spatial settings at different parts of the property due to variations in the masses of the buildings. The ceiling inside the main structure is covered with panels embellished with hundreds of unused metal buttons. The floor of the building is shrouded with tiles that have been silk-screened with a custom pattern. The client, the owner of one of Indonesia’s most well-known denim brands, appreciates the silk screen technique and the utilization of unused buttons.

Furthermore, the various rooms and buildings on the property are linked by a network of corridors and footpaths lined with lush greenery. It helps to keep the property naturally cool during the hot summer days and reduces the need for air conditioning. Wooden linear planks and vented concrete blocks are deliberately positioned across the property to further aid in air circulation. When illuminated, these functional elements create visually stunning silhouettes and shadows. The Ton Villas is not only efficiently designed, but it is also tastefully planned to resemble a high-end resort experience right in the comfort of the client’s home.

Photos are from Nilai Asia, KIE.

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