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REBUILDING SIARGAO: An Architecture Competition By Lokal Lab And ArchStorming

July 2, 2022



Carisa Magno

It has been months since Super Typhoon Rai wiped out most of Siargao Island, and until now, a lot of rehabilitation still needs to occur. Lokal Lab, a Non-Government Organization that anchors on helping and collaborating with communities in Siargao, partners up with ArchStorming for an Architecture Competition to rebuild the island. 

The organization aims to build back the island of Siargao stronger and help the population with several actions, including building new community centers and urban interventions. 

The Rebuilding Siargao Competition is an invitation to submit proposals for at least one of the two projects:


Lokal Tabo is a local community market that serves as a platform for local artisans, creators, and producers to display and sell their goods without fees. The typhoon completely destroyed the old structure. Through Lokal Tabo, the community can easily access locally and naturally grown produce and plastic-free alternatives. It is also a restaurant that serves traditional food and a multipurpose space where Lokal Lab organizes seminars, meetings, and other events. 


Through small urban-rural design interventions, Lokal Lab wants to rebuild and regenerate towns using urban furniture, waiting sheds that can become temporary shelters, multipurpose structures, and clean and safe public bathrooms, among others. One can propose any intervention that can improve the locals’ daily life or can become a key infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster.


Individual. Any architecture student or professional at least 18 years and over regardless of nationality. Likewise, people from other disciplines can also participate, such as engineers, sociologists, photographers, etc.

Team. One to four members at least 18 years and over, regardless of the professional discipline of study or practice.

Registration. The registration fee must be paid per team, regardless of the number of members. Suppose a team or participant wants to participate with more than one proposal. In that case, it will be necessary to register twice (or as many times as proposals will be submitted), paying the full price corresponding to each registration.



You may sign up now through this link. Winners will be announced on August 17, 2022. Jurors will be composed of Filipino architects, spatial planners, anthropologists, the LGU’s Municipal Development Officer, a local surfer doing rebuilding in the island, and community builders. 

Discount available for Filipino nationals. Message Lokal Lab for the discount code.