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A home is not only a place where people can sleep. It is also a place where memories are created for people living in it to cherish in their lifetime. AUN Design Studio was commissioned to design a house that reflects the client’s childhood memories and his relationship with his mother. The client has decided to come back home and live with his elder mother after decades of being apart, growing up, living, studying, and working abroad alone. 

Located in Khet Lat Phrao, Thailand, the architect was tasked to design a home that caters to the needs and lifestyles of two people of different ages. The house is built on the original ground of the existing house which is surrounded by adjacent houses. The design reflects the memories the mother and son had created over the years within the neighborhood with the connection inside and outside the house. 

The architect separated the entrance layout to suit the various activities and lifestyles of the owners and laid the house in the middle to create an open space. Both sides feature a garden to receive natural light and wind. The space is curated by separating two living into two levels. The ground floor is dedicated to the mother’s own living compound, including a common area like a kitchen and dining room. The upstairs, meanwhile, is created as a private space for the son. 

Moreover, this home is characterized by its minimalist interior which focuses on a few furniture pieces. The intention behind it is both for the flexibility of use and the owner’s requirement to control the construction budget. 

To establish continuity of the architecture and interiors, the architect opted for exposed surfaces, walls, and ceilings with bare mortars and painted the walls white for the height range used by the homeowner. This also gives the owners canvas to hang decorations, such as their collection of paintings, clocks, lamps, and other artworks to add an interesting dimension to the space. These decorative elements can be adjusted over time as they see fit. 

Photography by Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace

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