This Rustic Mid-Century Condo in Cebu is Eco-Friendly!

  • January 15, 2018

Designed by Cebu-based Rizelle Ostrea Alvarez, this rustic mid-century condo in Cebu is home to a modern day alpha male. Aside from working round the clock, the condo dweller loves traveling and engages in outdoor activities. He also loves entertaining guests in his rustic industrial condo, which he prides to be very sustainable and eco-friendly.
The foyer is made welcoming with the brickwall and traditional furniture. The brick wall was installed to bounce and preserve the cold air emitted by the aircon, this is important in Cebu’s tropical climate. While the walls and sectional sofa are in a neutral tone, the eye-catching rug and accent chairs  evoke a happy and cheerful vibe to the living room. The interior designer installed LED lights in the space as more sustainable option over CFLs. The initial investment for LED lights might be high, but the cost-savings in the long-run is worth it.
rustic mid-century condo
Dark wood and classic mid-century furniture pieces add a touch of elegance to the condo. The dining room can seat 8 people, perfect for the condo dweller who loves entertaining guests at home.
rustic mid-century condo
The master bedroom is a culmination of hip, rustic, and mid-century design ethos. The rustic brick wall is contrasted by the gold benches, it is a rustic mid-century haven!
rustic mid-century condo
The second bedroom in the condo serves as the guest bedroom. The bed frame adds a rustic touch to the space.
rustic mid-century condo
This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol 11.2 2016, edits have been made for

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