This 24-sqm Scandinavian Style Rental Condo Fits Up To 5 People!

  • September 6, 2018

Airbnbs. When she and Ian got married, she resigned from her job and decided to focus on their growing kids and travelling with them instead. That’s also when the couple ventured into buying condo units and renting them out on online booking sites—this 24-sqm unit in McKinley is one of those. condoliving scandinavian style rental condo “When I use Airbnb, the first thing I look at are the pictures of the listings. That’s a typical customer behavior, so we invested on the look of our unit,” says Jecca. Ian adds, “So far, it’s been doing well. Since we put it up for rent, there hasn’t been any idle days. We also posted on other booking sites kasi, not just on Airbnb. Although, most of the bookings were made through Airbnb.” The couple acquired the unit in 2012 at a pre-selling price, after choosing between it and another unit in Uptown. Jecca shares that they liked this unit because it’s near the mall and the airport, making it so convenient for their renters and for when they want to stay in the unit sometimes. After the turn over of the unit on March 2017, the couple tapped Upcycle Manila to design their bare space and custom-make their furniture pieces within three weeks. condoliving scandinavian style rental condo According to the couple, they met about five design studios before they finally worked with Upcycle Manila. “We went with Upcycle because with all the things that we wanted done in the unit, they came up with a plan which we liked. At ang maganda naman sa kanila, they design and make their furniture, so every thing in this space is almost all custom-made,” shares Jecca. The hanging bar which can be folded in to make more space in the living space, the sofa with a pull-out bed, the entertainment system that can be rotated to whichever way you’re watching the TV from, and the beds with pull-out drawers in the sleeping area are all custom-made by Upcycle Manila. The rest of the furnishings and sleeping gears are either pre-installed, or sourced from local furniture stores. The couple also imported their water-resistant geometric wallpaper from Harlequin, a wallpaper store in the UK. condoliving scandinavian style rental condo Ian says that since their unit is small, it really matters to get their furniture pieces custom-made so the unit won’t look and feel cramped. Besides, there are certain features in the unit that they can’t just buy off the racks, like their revolving TV console that also acts as a divider. Jecca dishes out that her husband really wanted a revolving TV console, so it’s a non-negotiable, aside from her two requirements: a Scandinavian vibe, and maximization of space. “It’s a mix and match of our preferences,” comments Ian on how they came up with the design of the unit. Jecca agrees as she shows her Pinterest board full of Scandinavian-styled spaces, with neutrals, grays and warm wood colors. She laughs, “I actually didn’t realize I’ve been pinning Scandinavian inspirations until I read the captions of the pins.” condoliving scandinavian style rental condo Jecca furthers, “We want to make the unit spacious enough to accommodate 2-5 people. We are five in the family kasi, including our help. So if we ever decide to stay here, we can all fit inside. So far, Upcycle Manila was able to deliver.” Ian also shares that although there were budget constraints, the design studio was able to make a few more interesting features in the unit, like the accent ceiling. “It was supposed to be a drop ceiling, but since we’re limited in budget, our designer came up with this feature and tied it in with the TV console I wanted,” explains Ian. Clearly, Ian and Jecca know exactly what they need, and working with a team that delivers what they want and more made the whole dressing up of the unit a breeze for them. “We really like Upcycle Manila‘s work and how easy they are to work with. In fact, we liked them so much that we also got them to design our unit in Tagaytay,” Ian concludes happily.

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