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Sena House in Bangkok Displays A Wall Of Glass Bricks Intensifying Its Modern Vibe

June 9, 2022



Carisa Magno


Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated completes the Sena House in Bangkok with an interesting wall of glass bricks. The house’s location partly influences design. The 428-square-meter rectangular property is in the middle of two narrow streets, a two-level home on the north and a high road on the south. On the east and west sides are a small street and a courtyard. As it faces the high road, there are many obstacles in the plot.

“From the conditions of the space, the house is placed paralleling to the length of the land, close to the north side, which is the deepest part of access and to be used as an entrance from the road, leaving the other side, the front of the house, as much space as possible, in a form of a house lawn, to reduce the impact from the opposite building.”

Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

The residential building has three levels, each with a unique character. As seen from the exterior, a combination of glass bricks and fine black stone flakes shroud the top floor. The glass wall continues to adorn the second level’s exterior with orange-brown clay color contrast. White characterizes the ground floor. The glass wall serves as an actual wall with features like a window as it filters light into the space. Its small individual composition allows privacy from outside lookers. In addition, it also gives character to the modern house when the lights are on at night. During the day, the glass wall acts as a curtain and sieves the organic light that cloaks the house’s interior with soft shadows.


Moreover, the same character for each floor proceeds into the home’s interior design. White painted walls give the ground floor a clean atmosphere, perfect for the living area, dining space, and kitchen. Before entering the main door, a two-story-high hall links the stairs and another lounge area on the second level. The L-shaped stairs inside the house give access to the additional common area. The stair’s angular position allows an open view of the ground floor from the second level. It makes the mid-section of the house appear spacious and airy.

Orange-brown clay, similar to the exterior, is spread on the second floor’s perimeter. The lounge area on the second floor is where the occupants spend most of their time. Ultimately, the bedrooms on the third level all have black as the predominant tone. The glass brick walls in each bedroom have another layer of mirror wall that intensifies privacy. It also adds an overlay to filter out the light from outside.

All photos are from Rungkit Charoenwat.