This Showflat Designed By Hong Kong-Based Firm via. Has Won Us Over!

  • January 7, 2019

CondoLiving. However, for this space we made an exception and with good reason. Located in one of Hong Kong’s upscale properties is a showflat by via., a Hong Kong-based design firm that our team has a crush on. Their firm portfolio has projects ranging from commercial buildings, swanky restaurants, private homes, and stylish condos. condoliving showflat via. hong kong In a very insightful (and quite long) interview with via.’s founder and principal designer Frank Leung, Frank walked us through his design philosophy and some of their projects. This showflat which they call Deep Opulence was one of those projects. While it was intended to be showflat, Frank shares that they designed it as if someone was really going to live there. It has ample storage and a functional flow. “We don’t want showflats to lie  whether it’s on or off location. It still has to be a liveable space. If it’s anything, I’ve noticed in the years we’ve been doing showflats, people are tired of being tricked,” shares the architect. condoliving showflat via. hong kong Frank and his team describes the imaginary clients as old and established couple, and has kids or guests visiting often. Thus, they gave emphasis on the bedrooms and entertaining areas. “You need to give them something they can actually live in and enjoy. I’m a realist in that sense,” he adds. condoliving showflat via. hong kong Unlike in Manila where model condominium units are usually pop-ups in malls, showflats in Hong Kong are located inside the property itself, giving buyers the option to buy the actual unit they are toured in with all the artwork, finishes, and fixtures. Frank shares that one of the showflats they’ve designed for this property has already been sold. condoliving showflat via. hong kong The interior is a dream with its luxurious finishes. Just because it was a showflat, team via. didn’t scrimp on the details and furnishings by providing the best quality pieces in the space. You see marble, leather, wood, and lush carpets harmoniously coexisting and complementing each other in the space. Each addition to the space is considered, thought-of, planned in a sense that it not only looks good but also helps the unit more liveable. In the living room, a velvet couch is juxtaposed to the cold marble wall in a geometric pattern. The pattern is a homage to architect and designer Gio Ponti. The same marble wall pattern flows from the living room to the dining area. Leather chairs in a marsala finish pops out against the monochrome background. condoliving showflat via. hong kong “When you look at an interior, the mindset is not only to decorate, it is to reflect a lot of the landscape, the environment, the insight, and the story,” Frank shares. Since the property has amazing views of the city Harbour and the mountain vistas, the firm relied on this as the formula for the showflat’s design. Frank calls this a marriage of the organic to the geometric; you end up with a relaxed interior with the right amount of sleek and warmth. In a congested vertical city, a home like this is a private getaway. With the unit in a very modern and contemporary look, Frank highlights the importance of craftsmanship in their works. “The virtual world is getting stronger every day and I think that that is the reason for us to get real, very tactile, handmade work. It is more important every day to remind people that someone built that wall and it didn’t come from a machine,” the designer adds. condoliving showflat via. hong kong condoliving showflat via. hong kong condoliving showflat via. hong kong condoliving showflat via. hong kong As a design firm that handles interiors and architecture, via. boasts of a holistic approach to design. The synchronization of what’s outside to what’s inside and everything in between is important for the via. team. It is what makes the experience of seeing their work so great, there is a certain fluidity and warmth in all the sharp lines and cold finishes. The play of colors are also treated with the utmost care. Neutrals here, monochrome there, and yet a very faint touch of color in an unexpected place ties it all together. Allow us to be cheesy and say that via.’s work is an intricate dance of design elements. condoliving showflat via. hong kong condoliving showflat via. hong kong With the via. team focused in catering to projects in Hong Kong and Macau, their work definitely appeals to the rest of the world. It surely caught our attention in the heart of Manila. The work of firms like via. proves that beautiful design, nay, stunning and functional design is truly universal. This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s August 2017 issue. Edits were made for

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