This Uniquely Filipino Pattern is the Next Big Design Trend!

  • December 22, 2017

If you grew up in a Filipino house, solihiya is no stranger to you. Your lolo or lola was probably sitting on a rocking chair with it or your family couch as made of it. Solihiya is originally made of rattan for durability and its availability locally. However, if you think that it should be kept on your grandparents’ house, let a lot of furniture and interior designers prove your wrong! Local furniture designers and brands advocate this material and its design. Among the list are Philux, Milo Naval, and Ito Kish with his Basilisa collection.
As a material, it is durable. As a material for tropical climate, it is ingeniously strategic. The holes in the solihiya pattern lets air pass through so the person sitting can enjoy some sort of ventilation that typical upholstered couches won’t be able to deliver. However, if you’ve ever sat on one of these babies, you’ll know that the pattern will be embedded on your skin at some point.
Renovated Colorful Filipino Home
The charm of this material lies in the fact that it is durable and perfect for tropical weather. And with tropical design being such a huge trend in interior design right now, solihiya is the cherry on top. Many designers across the globe are now incorporating solihiya in their designs and not just because it’s a trend. Solihiya is a material that requires patience and effort to make and when used, the precision and care woven in it shows.

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