1 | Stackable Stools Given your modest space, entertaining guests can be quite a challenge. If a sofa is too big for your condo unit, stackable stools are your life saver. Not only these stools are great to have when you have guests over, these can also be used in other ways such as as a coffee table, a bedside table, and even as a plant stand. .

2 | Hideaway Table

Speaking of tables, dining tables can really take so much space in a micro condo, and that is often the reason why most condo dwellers opt to dine out instead. However, there’s a trick to having a full-sized dining table without sacrificing space: a hideaway table. When not in use, you can simply tuck the table below a desk with a height higher than the table. .

3 | Sofa Bed

Whether you live in a shoebox condo or a spacious unit, sofa beds are great choices for hitting two birds with one stone: maximizing every square meter and saving money from buying an extra mattress for your guests. If you do have a compact condo, sofa beds are your best friends, especially if even your own bed won’t fit inside. You can choose from a pull-out, futon, sleeper, drawer, or electronic sofa beds. Choose whichever suits your space, budget, and taste. .

4 | Loft Bed

Condo dwellers blessed with a high ceiling must take advantage of it. If your building’s management allows you to build a loft, hire a professional to do so, and make it your sleeping area or reading nook. We highly suggest to do the former if you live in a tight space, and if you want some privacy whenever you have guests over. However, if the management does not allow building a loft, you can always have a loft bed instead, which you can buy readily from the furniture store or have it customized to fit your space. .

5 | Hanging Clothes Rack

Open closets have been a trend, and their charming and minimalistic appeal is also space-saving. We suggest, however, to maximize your vertical space and have a hanging clothes rack instead of the free-standing version which takes up floor space. With a hanging clothes rack, you can still use the floor beneath for other pieces (i.e. a dresser, a shoe rack, a bench) or purposes. .

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