Books In The Bathroom: To Store Or Not To Store, That Is The Question

  • February 11, 2019


The Pros

Boredom Killer

There are times when people take a little more time in the bathroom or toilet, some savoring the moment of relaxation in bath and the others just having a hard time letting it all out, iykwim. And during those long minutes or hours, it’s best to have something to kill time, like a good book. Having one close or anywhere in the room makes it handy.

Library Annex

If your regular library or reading nook lacks the space for your newly purchased reading materials, a bathroom with spare space can be your annex, especially if you’re a “bathroom reader.” You can fill a shelf or a wall that’s either near the bath tub or the toilet seat, or in between. It’s best to have the shelves closed with a clear glass so your reads are safe from getting wet but still visible.

Dual-Purpose Décor

Books have the appeal that décor pieces have, so you hit two birds with one stone! However, if you choose to store some in your condo’s bathroom, you need to consciously organize them as you would your home accessories. While you enjoy reading them as you bathe in the tub, these books actually add a curious story to your bathroom interiors through the interesting covers or titles. Truly, a book is a decoration with a function.

The Cons

What A Distraction

Reading surely beats boredom, but sometimes you get so into it that time flies. Next thing you know, you’re fifteen minutes late for your first appointment or class for the day. If you’re reading in the bathroom, it’s best to bring in something that’s easy to read and finish, maybe a newspaper or a thin magazine and not a paperback.

Not Friends With Water

It’s common knowledge that paper and water don’t go well together, unless you’re making a papier-mâché. With that said, it’s not advisable to keep or store books and other reading materials inside the toilet and bathroom because paper warps in humidity as it absorbs moisture, as well as when wet. It’s best to store books in a dry place, where it’s warm and cozy, like the living area, the reading nook, or work area. You can bring in a book, but make sure you take it with you when you’re done with your business.

The Book’s A Collector

…of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Although you’ve put your books in a container or in an enclosed cabinet, moisture will still find them. And if the books are constantly exposed to moisture or humidity, it’s a no-brainer that all these microorganisms will start living in your books. I guess you know what comes next—diseases.

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