“Stories from Home” by James Gabito at Power Plant Mall, New Wing

Show runs from October 1 to 10, 2019

  • October 1, 2019

  • Written by Grace A. Ng

  • Images courtesy of Galerie Joaquin

James Gabito’s artistic process is a co-creation between the medium and the imagination, with form evolving organically around nostalgic themes. Each painting consists of specific themes emanating from domestic settings and events from everyday life. James Gabito’s “Stories from Home” are acrylic paintings filled with vivid colors and strong brush movements that reflect his love for the local community with the works resonating with the inner essence of positive Filipino values such as love of family, solidarity, and friendship.

“Midday Scene”

54 x 39 inches


48 x 36 inches

The artist has devoted much time to studying form and color in the creation of his art. Together with a loose brushwork style, Gabito’s paintings are filled with light, color and movement with Impressionist techniques in its contemporary form being the driving force behind his painting process.

“Among Friends and Flowers”

14 x 16 inches

“Riding with Vegetables”

41 x 52 inches

The work re-frames the everyday by focusing on a fresh standpoint. Familiar signs and symbols are rediscovered and reconceived. Gabito hopes to draw on the experiences of people in all cultures, times, social classes, and places. Rather than focusing on what pulls us apart, he hopes to dwell on larger issues to identify indeed what it is that brings us together.

“A Family of Three”

52 x 41 inches


12 x 12.5 inches

“Merchant in Training”

18 x 14 inches

“Full Basket of Flowers”

48 x 36 inches

James Gabito, a Baguio-based artist, 2015 GSIS honorable mention and 2015 MADE finalist, paints archetypes of the mountain province culture attesting to the region’s unspoiled vibrant way of living. Gabito assembles these images with a sense of artisanal intricacy and rawness to his subjects. Gabito’s interpretation stems from his perspective of change in practice, such as that from weaving or planting rice.


52 x 41 inches

“Harvest Season”

41 x 52 inches

“Woman with Anthuriums”

20 x 15 inches

“Surrounded by Flowers”

48 x 36 inches

“Stories from Home” will be on view from October 1 to 15, 2019 at the Galerie Joaquin Pop-Up Gallery, R1 Level, New Wing of Power Plant Mall, Makati City. For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at (+63)2 7239253 or email [email protected].

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