From basic to brilliant: 5 ways to style tables

Look for table accent centerpieces that match your personal style at Wilcon Depot LKB

  • May 30, 2018

  • Photos courtesy of Wilcon Depot

Make your tables visually charming and your basic living room can instantly become a relaxing spot in your home. Creating tablescapes does not have to be difficult. Here are some ways to style tables.

Play with unique design elements and colors that complement the tones of your home. Table centerpieces and ornamental items should be attractive to be the focal point of the entire room.

Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers can result into a lively centerpiece. You can choose from a more organized arrangement or a ruffled bunch for a more hand-picked look. Vases are the most familiar home decor pieces that can be placed in any spot in your home, while glass bottles can also be a great decorative idea for their versatility.

Make stunning accents for your room and fill it with candle lanterns and holders that can brighten and freshen your living spaces. Putting colorful scented candles can also be warm and naturally inviting impression for a more homey feel.

When your goal is to enhance the room, placing a table lamps can actually add dimensions to your space. Choose the lamps that blend in with your overall decor. For instance, you can also add a personal touch to your designs by placing photo frames and even beautiful artwork like sculptures and figurines.

More than being stylish, don’t forget that your tables must be functional too. Look for the best table accent centerpieces that match your personal style at Wilcon Depot, the country’s leading home improvement and construction supply retailer. You can visit their Living, Kitchen and Bath (LKB) showrooms inside the store for more design inspirations for your home. With Wilcon’s wide selection of home accessories, you’ll surely find something that you’ll like.

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