Tired Of The Usual Knife Block? Here's How To Store Your Knives In Style!

  • August 24, 2018

1 | Sink In  From the idea of the knife block, you can DIY a new and trendier version with a tall vase. Fill it with dried beans or bamboo sticks and sink in your precious knife collection. You can opt for a monochrome or play with colors with the legumes. condoliving knife storage ideas

2 | Law Of Attraction

If you don’t have little kids in the unit, you can fully expose your knife blades. All you need is a bar of steel or strip of wood with concealed magnets. This way, you can easily see which knives you need to use. This can even save you counter space if you have limited kitchen space! condoliving knife storage ideas

3 | Pocket Knife

If you want to store the blades with extra care, you can keep them in pockets. You can easily DIY this, all you need is a thick cloth or maybe felt. Create pockets according to the size of your knives and secure them. You can hang it on the wall or against your pretty backsplash. condoliving knife storage ideas

4 | Nail It

You can also take cues from nails! Yep, read that right. You can store your trusty knives like they’re nails in your counter. Custom-make these thin slots before you install the counter or have them added in one corner. You can go with individual slots or a full strip for all your blades.

condoliving knife storage ideas

5 | Through The Glass

If you still can’t let go of the “block” vibe, you can store your knives in a wood-glass or wood-acrylic block. If you choose to DIY it, you can sandwich the wood or any other opaque material in between the glass or the acrylic. It’s a safer version of the magnetic storage! condoliving knife storage ideas

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