Deck Your Condo In Fashion's Spring/Summer 2019 Prints And Patterns!

  • April 23, 2019

1 | Tie-dye A nod to the ’60s, the tie-dye has been a hit in the previous spring/summer fashion shows, with Paco Rabanne, Proenza Schouler, Dior, and even Prada incorporating the old fabric dyeing technique to their latest collections, taking it from the full-on hippie to elegant touches. The motif looks great in clothes, but it looks even better in our condos. It might seem a bit tricky to incorporate to interiors, but it’s easily doable with a simple change in bedsheets and pillow covers. If you’re more daring, you can give your couch an upholstery update. . .

2 | Animal

Animal prints are one of the classic prints that have been well received in the areas of fashion and interior design. This season, a mix of refined and rowdy prints and patterns of cheetah, zebra, and snakeskin has been showing up in fashion. Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Tom Ford, Burberry, and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty are just a few names offering the notable animal print, both in classic and literal patterns. Donning the animal motif can be intimidating to some, especially if it’s in our homes. You can take a more subtle print and take it easy on the décor. You can switch your throw pillows or throw blankets into a zebra print, or go all-out on the wallpaper or wall murals. . .

3 | Stripe

Speaking of zebra prints, clean stripes are plentiful this season as well. Whether it’s horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or a mix of these stripes and other prints, the clean lines give a nautical and a bohemian vibe. Aside from solid and thick stripes, thin and “baby” stripes have also graced the runways, which evoke a more summery feel. Gucci, Loewe, J. W. Anderson, and Roland Mouret are just some of the fashion brands that offer fun, multi-colored striped threads. Let the stripes find their way in to your condo’s interiors through throw pillows or accent chairs in the living area. The stripes on the chairs will draw all the attention you need for a stylish yet fucntional living space. However, if you’re looking at a major upgrade, you can replace your shower enclosure with striped glass for that sophisticated feel. . .

4 | Square

Square patterns from checks to plaids and tartans can be old-fashioned and conservative, but fashion names like Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, Dries van Noten, and Versace gave these square patterns a whimsical spin which we’ve seen recently in jackets, tops, dresses, and all kinds of threads both in men’s and women’s wear. Although square prints and patterns have been a typical sight in our homes, a few more won’t hurt. Upgrade your plain old flooring with a buffalo check pattern for a more dynamic look, or your laundry room’s backsplash to create a more fun vibe to doing the laundry. . .

5 | Floral

Florals may have been one of the expected prints for the summer, and they’re certainly a hit in all the fits during the spring/summer fashion shows. Rodarte, Erdem, Simone Rocha, and Anna Sui are but a few of the notable fashion names that took the floral prints on various spins. There are a lot of ways to incorporate this print into your own space, from soft and conservative florals, to retro silhouettes and vivacious patterns.  Cheerful floral colors elicit all the summer feels, but if you are timid about the loudness of the print, you may opt for a monochromatic or minimal floral motif.
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. .

6 | Silk Scarf

There has been quite a number of silk scarf patterns and fabrics on the runways with strokes of bohemian, oriental, ethnic, and even abstract themes. Loewe, Erika Cavallini, and Marni’s collections incorporated the silk scarf patterns and material, both bold and conservative, in craft skirts and dresses. Dress up your space in this print through a wallpaper or wall mural and achieve that classic or eclectic look. To tone down the unconventional pattern, you may go for a monochromatic theme. Or, you can frame a literal silk scarf and hang it as a wall décor! . .

7 | Polka Dot

Polka dots can go from cute, to retro, and modern, but one thing’s sure: it’s a wonderful pattern for spring and summer. Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Carolina Herrera, and Marc Jacobs gave all the polka dot inspiration this season. There are many clever ways to make use of the polka dot pattern, and one is by experimenting with the sizes and the composition. For one, you can try tiny dots in a reflective finish if you’re iffy about your space looking too cute. Another option you can explore is by using any circular decorative item, such as hats, plates, or woven basket to decorate your walls. . .

8 | Star

Summer means clear skies all day and night, and the stars are all out and bright. The latest in spring/summer fashion has proven this right, and we have seen star-studded fits by Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Paco Rabanne. Your own space can be star-studded, too, through simple upgrades. In your powder room, you can decorate your upper walls and ceiling with patterns of these celestial bodies for that curious look. If you are a renter and are not allowed to make any changes in your unit, you can use those that are easy to remove or replace, like tapestries or wall art pieces. . .

9 | Architecture

Whether it’s abstract or detailed and busy, the architecture motifs showcased in fashion’s spring and summer 2019 prints and patterns trend give an artistic wanderlust whimsy to the one-piece fits and separates. Prada, Acne Studios, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen’s mystical and dramatic embellishments are some of the notable ones. If you want architecture in your interiors, wallpapers or wall murals can do the trick. You may opt for monochrome and minimalist designs, or go all-out with a combination of buildings and gardens or landscapes. . .

10 | Word

Word prints take on the more casual designs in fashion this season, with cheeky and silly statements, and the typical logo prints. Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna, Natasha Zinko, Matty Bovan, and Pyer Moss are some of the fashion houses that took varied spins on the word prints. While words can be tricky to work with especially in interior design or decoration, you may do so with wallpapers or wall murals. However, if you want something more customizable and actually functional, you can incorporate the word print with “writable” walls like a chalkboard or whiteboard wall. It is also more interactive. . .

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