More From Anthology Festival 2021: Shelter Dialogues and What Makes a City

A city is not just a place. It is its people as well. “What makes a city? Is it infrastructure? Is it the power and the energy? The character of the place? Is it

Anthology Festival 2021: Adapting Architecture That Brings Us Together In A Time of Separation

Here are just some of the highlights that summarize Anthology Festival 2021, which was anchored on the theme: Our City. Like nature and people, design in architecture changes and thrives in it. In Anthology

Anthology Festival 2020 Director William Ti, Jr. on planning and ‘thinking architecture’

Anthology Festival Director and WTA Principal William Ti, Jr. discusses the behind-the-scenes and the must-see activities at the 3-day festival

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2020 promotes design-influenced policymaking

“Think Architecture” is aimed at helping develop and formulate design-influenced policies that assist and accelerate nation-building and urban planning

Anthology 2020 invites architects and designers to ‘Think Architecture’

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2020 gathers top architecture and design professionals worldwide in celebration of Think Architecture

Making an Impact: Anthology Design Architecture and Design Festival

President Rodrigo Duterte’s Build Build Build program aims to make everyday lives better by improving the infrastructure within our cities. This USD180B government investment is projected to bring down the costs of production, improve