Beauty and the Beholder: Edwin Uy designs to the extreme

Cagayan de Oro-born architect Edwin Uy has a reputation for being adventurous in his designs, and among engineers and contractors in southern Philippines for designing homes that require them to do acrobatics in order

Fabian Tan’s Jose House translates nature and light

People seek allowances, portions inside their home marked by margins—a desire manifested in the ache felt for the impression of space. In dense urban surroundings, it is difficult to translate this sense of longing

These are 7 historic commercial landmarks you should know about

Landmarks structure environments, therefore, forming cognitive anchors, markers, and reference points for orientation—ultimately helping people orient themselves in a physical space. Landmarks are seen in sketches, in descriptions of meeting points, in brochures, or

BUDJI+ROYAL enlaces tropical design with elegance

Construction had already started. As every week passed and the mounting structural frame began demarcating the spaces of the house, the deeper the sinking feeling the couple has about the design. They didn’t know how

BAAD Studio designs a dwelling that thrives in its environment

It all began with the tree. Still growing, it stubbornly sat in the middle of the 570-square meter lot. Benjee Mendoza and An Bermejo of BAAD Studio were commissioned to build a house on.

A bahay kubo-inspired house furnished with abstracts

“I feel betrayed,” says architect Oscar Peñasales’ wife. Like many Filipino nurses, the wife’s dream to work abroad. She had been traveling back and forth with her husband to find a job in the
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