Fabian Tan transforms the Ittka House into a brighter and cooler abode

It had been a gloomy day during BluPrint’s visit to Fabian Tan‘s Ittka House, with dark clouds hinting at the possibility of rain. Which was why it was mystifying to see the house’s interiors

Lor Calma & Partners glazes a home inside and out

The 680-square-meter lot was an easy choice from among the three being considered south of Manila. There were no electrical wires to clutter the front. The adjacent lots were empty. The eye surgeon’s wife

Remembering Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture

Love, in the form of closely related psychological constructs, is the need for relatedness. In Deci and Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory, it is understood as altruism, (a projection of strong philos), belonging, community feeling, the

BUDJI+ROYAL orchestrates a natural symphony inside a home

“We wanted to see the sky all the time,” the young mother told us. This is how she and her husband envisioned the experience of their home when they bought a 406-square-meter lot on

Designed by ecoLogicStudio, Photo.Synth.Etica fights climate change

London-based architectural and urban design firm ecoLogicStudio, led by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, unveils Photo.Synth.Etica, a large-scale installation, which was designed for their first collaboration with Climate-KIC, the EU’s most prominent climate innovation

Analyzing design and architecture under the Actor Network Theory lens

Sociologists Bruno Latour, Michel Callon, and John Law posited that everything in the social and natural world exists in constantly shifting networks of relationships. Known as the Actor-Network Theory, this framework also includes objects