Remembering Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture

Love, in the form of closely related psychological constructs, is the need for relatedness. In Deci and Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory, it is understood as altruism, (a projection of strong philos), belonging, community feeling, the

Heart for Your Art: Protect Your Art Collection Like a Pro

An artwork is no decoration. It tells a story, invites conversation, and gives a glimpse of the owner’s character. It is just as alive as you are: when uncared for, it will age faster

Picture Perfect: Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Walls

When designing our homes, we have a tendency to focus on what furniture to get and the accessories that go with them. While these pieces form the basis of our interiors, we must also

Dissecting the stained glass windows at the Manila Cathedral

Artist Galo Ocampo bathes the church in glorious Marian light

See cities’ often-ignored alleyways in upcoming exhibit by Hub Pacheco

In WALKTHROUGH, Hub Pacheco not only takes but shows the road less traveled.