C|S Design Consultancy designs a getaway home that gazes towards the sea

C|S Design Consultancy programmed the needs of a family weekend retreat by dissolving the line between interior space and outdoor splendor

A raw and relaxing beach house in Tali, Batangas

Polished concrete and wood louvers peek through a bowl of green just a stone's throw away from the beach

This Tropical House in Sorsogon is in the Middle of a Coconut Farm!

While many people flock to Metro Manila for opportunity, artist and furniture designer Milo Naval and his family chose to pack their bags and move to Sorsogon. In this 10-hectare coconut plantation Milo purchased

You Can Rent Out This Dreamy Beach House in Batangas!

Meet The Windward House located in Tali, Batangas. This 1,450-square meter beach house uses raw materials like palacino wood, and exposed, sealed, and polished concrete to create a warm and industrial aesthetic. The beach