Brutalism: Honest Architecture

Space, light, and order. These are the things men need as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.  – Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (“Le Corbusier”) Brutalist architecture is known for its simplicity, honesty,

Andra Matin carves out hills and caverns for his second home in Bintaro Jaya

Principal architect of andramatin designs his own home as an unconventional embodiment of age-old living in Southeast Asia

Forging Modernism: The early years of Leandro Locsin

The poet of space's lyricism was the fruit of his own exposure to and practice of the other arts

The sunken Cabetican Shrine in Pampanga is unsinkable in spirit

The sunken Cabetican Shrine in Bacolor offers a powerful space laden with new meaning for communing with the divine

Designed Better Extended: CCP Theater

Adefuin Design Studio's architectural and interior design interventions for the Cultural Center of the Philippines