The Adaptation Of Healthcare Facilities Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

When tuberculosis bubbled in the early 20th century, it became the leading cause of death. In England and Wales alone, four million people died. More than one-third of these people were aged 15 to

Healthcare design will need you to understand architecture and engineering to produce effective interiors, says Pauline Cuevas-Bato

Healthcare interior designer Pauline Cuevas-Bato sheds light on learning interior design from the inside out, and how one can exercise beauty in the ordinary

Balancing creativity and technicality: John Ryan Santos on the intricacies of hospital architecture

Architect John Ryan Santos says that in doing hospital design, one must be ready to surrender a substantial part of their design ego

Polomolok completes pioneer build of COVID-19 isolation unit by John Ryan Santos + Partners

The first rapid build COVID-19 isolation unit in Polomolok, South Cotabato kick starts the development of a larger provincial hospital complex

Ninoy Aquino Stadium to operate as a COVID-19 quarantine facility

The conversion of the indoor sporting arena inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex as a COVID-19 quarantine facility focuses on positive air pressure

LOOK: Architects design a layout for a COVID-19 Central Referral Complex

John Ryan Santos + Partners identifies the Veterans Memorial Medical Center 55 hectare site as a COVID-19 Central Referral Complex