RT+Q Architects’ House with Bridges is full of delightful surprises

What do you do with a client who is successful, creative, unconventional, and not particularly concerned with being practical? Why, you thank your stars, give her what she wants, and indulge a little. You

Green Screen: Proving eco-friendliness with these 5 structures

Sustainability in architecture is the awareness of limited natural resources and the capacity of the environment when it comes to managing pollution and waste. On the other hand, the visual expression and representation of

Syncopated Spaces in Fabian Tan’s Le Mon House

The house’s physical constraints are apparent from the street. It sits on 176 square meters of land wedged between two other units in a terrace housing row in Kuala Lumpur. The lack of setback

Recap of the pre-celebration of National Architecture Week 2018

The Beato Angelico Building in UST dedicated the latter part of last year to discussions and workshops concerning the built environment, which lasted from November 26 to December 1, 2018. The celebration of National

Artist’s Space: Architecture by non-architects

Space is a subject matter frequently highlighted and questioned in the widest areas of knowledge. To carve a description for it and to attempt to encapsulate its meaning in a one-liner or two is

Micaela Benedicto’s Z House speaks the vernacular like a native

The most effective strategies for sustainable design are the cheapest and easiest to implement—the very same strategies our forebears used for millennia in response to geography and climate. This realization has prompted some Filipino