Ding and Isabel Asuncion design a modern oasis

From the start, architects Ding Asuncion and Isabel Berenguer-Asuncion knew exactly what they wanted if they were going to build their own house. “We always wanted a small house in a big property, because we

The Henry: vintage ambiance meets contemporary standards

Once upon a time there was a fashionable seaside resort town called Pasay. It fronted a gorgeous seaside boulevard called Dewey line with rows of stately coconut trees, facing Manila Bay with its spectacular

Beauty and the Beholder: Edwin Uy designs to the extreme

Cagayan de Oro-born architect Edwin Uy has a reputation for being adventurous in his designs, and among engineers and contractors in southern Philippines for designing homes that require them to do acrobatics in order

Fabian Tan’s Jose House translates nature and light

People seek allowances, portions inside their home marked by margins—a desire manifested in the ache felt for the impression of space. In dense urban surroundings, it is difficult to translate this sense of longing

There is a new brand of flooring materials that is shaking things up in the local design

In designing and construction, it is not uncommon that the flooring is the last to be considered. Yet, the horizontal axis takes the most pressure and among the many other surfaces, is usually the

WATCH: Florence Ko talks about Space2000 and beyond

Watch the latest episode of BluPrint Conversations, where we sit down with Florence Ko to talk about how Philippine-made space solutions can be at par with global standards.
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